Highlighting your textured tresses takes time and money—and we’re talking long-term maintenance! Recognizing that many women can’t always make it to the salon or afford to constantly refresh their locks with sun-kissed hues, Devachan Salon co-owner Dennis DaSilva developed a highlighting system, HC Color Fantasies, that clients can use to achieve salon results at home.

The new at-home system features a unique application tool, which DaSilva showcased to beauty editors at an Oct. 24 press event in New York. Providing demonstrations of the new “Preciso” highlighting tool, DaSilva showed how it differs from other home-highlighting kits that often offer awkward combs or brushes to apply color. The new and reusable tool resembles a clamp, that’s designed with space to insert color and precisely apply it to sections of hair.

The HC Color Fantasies kit provides a salon-level color solution, as well as a color-locking cleanser and conditioner infused with the antioxidant Acai berry. And as event-goers sipped Acai-infused cocktails sprinkled with tiny, brightly colored flowers, a model illustrated the tool’s user-friendly features by applying highlights to her own hair. An instructional DVD is included in each at-home kit to ensure that consumers use it correctly.

In addition to the home-coloring kit, the HC Color Fantasies product line includes a daily moisturizing cleanser, leave-in conditioner and styling gel--all containing Acai.