DevaFuser Kit

The DevaFuser kit.

Denis DaSilva of Devachan Salon was dissatisfied with the diffusers on the market.

So he set out to create a new kind of diffuser.

Inspiration hit DaSilva while he was waiting to tee off on the 8th hole of Florida's Doral Country Club, when he saw a seat shaped like a hand.

"All day long, my hands are in my clients' hair," DaSilva says. "As we dry curly hair, we put our hands into their hair to give it lift. Why not create something that does exactly what a hand does?"

DevaConcepts worked with designers and manufacturers for over three years to develop the new DevaFuser — a unique hand-shaped diffuser with 360-degree air flow to dry the hair all the way through.

"We had to create a better mousetrap," DaSilva says.

For people with curls and kinks, a diffuser is an invaluable tool in their arsenal. Diffusers allow gentle heat to speed up the drying process without the wind of a blowdryer.

Although there are a number of diffusers on the market, there has been little change to their design over the past few decades. But that changed two years ago, when the DevaFuser hit the market.

Many curlies and stylists wonder how they got along without the DevaFuser.

Stylist Susanne Kende of Re-Vive Salon in San Diego, CA likes the 360-degree air flow of the DevaFuser.

"I am certain it will be one that outlasts all other appliances in its category," Kende says.

The DevaFuser has changed the way I feel about my curls," says Laura Ginsberg, a New York customer. "They are finally frizz-free and shiny."

      Right now, get the special DevaFuser Kit, which includes a universal adapter, a 3-ounce bottle of Set It Free! and an instructional guide.