Rapper and actor Ice T's wife, Coco Austin, might have gone too far with this one.

The entertainment personality showcased her new summer hairstyle (long blonde micro cornrows, braided to one side). While many users were not bothered by the fact that she wore braids, renaming the original braids was one step too far.

In her Instagram post she said, “I call 'em 'The Coco Swoop'... I wanted a little change up for the summer. Thank you to my honey bun @therealmisssmod always doing a great job with my braids... Oh and by the way, I name all the braid styles I do even hair styles with no braids... It's a cute thing I do... I have many weird Coco-isms do." See her defense here in part 1 and part 2 here.

Coco defended herself in a two-part video, mentioning that she names all of her hairstyles, including ones without braids.

She explained: “ So, recently I got social media’s panties in a bunch because I did braids to my hair. This is so stupid. I can’t believe I’m talking about it, and I believe this shouldn’t be turned out to be a race thing," she said in the video.

“I name all my styles that I do to myself. These are called the 'Coco Swoop,'" Coco continued. "The braids before were called the Bo Derek Braids. And it’s a Coco-ism. I’ve always done it... Why can’t we all rename hairstyles or braids? That sounds so stupid. Why is everybody claiming something they shouldn’t?”

The Instagram police were not happy with this.

Many pointed out that Coco's protective, braided hairstyles (and afro puffs, seen here) were created and named long before this summer, and this nickname had no place to be. Ice T went to his wife’s rescue on Twitter, adding to the fire:

Her hairstylist, Makessia Ollivierre, also came to Coco's defense on Instagram post.

"She's never claimed that she invented braids or otherwise. What someone chooses to do to themselves [or their] hair is nobody's business," she wrote. "Quite frankly there are way too many things in the world that that energy should be focused on. All you internet trolls need to get a f***ing life, it's not that serious!"

#NaturallyCurly world, what do you think?

Was social media too harsh on this one ? Was Coco wrong in renaming her braids?

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