Drew Berrymore’s recent new look has a warm, fresh feel for the coming cooler months of fall 2011.

You can easily replicate her color and style with these insider tips.  This look will work best for natural type 2 wavy hair.

Get Drew’s Wavy Hairstyle

The look is an easy long layered shape. The overall length is trimmed to create a solid base line.

  1. Cut straight across with scissors. Part your hair down the middle and drape each side over your shoulders. Cut one side and then the other to match. Move your hair behind your shoulders and check from the back in a mirror to be sure both sides match. Adjust if needed.
  2. Cut the layers in a single snip. Gather all your hair in a pony tail above and out in front of your forehead. The longest of your hair should not reach into the pony. The pony tail holder should be far enough away from your head as to represent the length of the shortest of the long layers you wish to create in the front of the haircut. Cut off all the hair beyond the pony holder. Longest lengths from the back and sides have not been cut thereby remaining intact to preserve the solid base line.

What is Volume Developer?

  • Volume developer is used with professional or permanent hair color to lighten the strands.
  • Each hair color has a category, for example black hair is a level 1 and would need a 40 level developer to lighten the hair 4 shades.
  • When using volume developer, you should stick, strictly, to the instructions on the bottle or box.
  • Pay close attention to how long you leave the product on. For some, the hair will need to turn unwanted colors before it lightens to the desired color.
  • Not leaving the product on long enough will not simply create a darker color than you wanted, but it could very well be a different color all together.
  • Available for purchase at Sally Beauty.

Copy Drew’s Copper Tone

A warm, level 6 copper red is easy to duplicate. If your hair is naturally darker than Drew’s, select a shade level 7 or 8 labeled copper red, with orange base. You will need some lift, so 30 volume developer will be a good choice. If your color is naturally lighter, you need to deposit pigment. A level 6 copper red with orange base is the choice. Process with 10 volume developer for more pigment deposit.  On lighter hair, selected strands can be left out to create some highlighted effect. On darker hair, small amounts of hair lightener can be hand painted on selected strands on top of the processing base color to create highlights.

Achieve Drew’s Finished Style

Drew’s final look is loose and easy, making it an style to achieve at home!

  1. Scrunch a generous amount of mousse or styling glaze into towel dried hair. Allow the hair to air dry, scrunching with your hands periodically to enhance the degree of wave as desired. If your hair tends to be waiver than the desired finish, do less scrunching. If your hair has less wave, a bit more added scrunching will be beneficial.
  2. Power dry with a diffuser for a faster finish. Flip your head over once dry and hair spray from underneath if added fullness is desired. A silicone based shine product can be mixed with mousse if you have a tendency to frizz.  This will reduce the frizziness that can occur. Silicone based products are fine to use on curly hair as long as you shampoo often to get rid of any product build-up. If you do not shampoo often, opt for a silicone-free frizz fighting product.

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Final Thoughts

Red strands are in for everyone this season, and you don’t have to head to the salon to get the look. Using coloring kits from your local drugstore, labeled with the correct color level for you current hair color and with a volume developer for a professional look, you will be rocking this warm hue in no time!

Let us know what hair color YOU think pops this season!

Ivan Zoot


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