Jordin, how could you? Part of your charm on “American Idol” was your beautiful head of curls. And you rocked those curls with confidence as you advanced each week. Your voice was amazing, but so was your unique look. You stood out from the pack of Hillarys, Britneys and Mylies, with their stick-straight tresses. You were so confident with their natural beauty.

So what’s with the new look? What happened to those shiny coils? I know they’re lurking somewhere under that straight mane – a style that makes you look like every other teen queen. Did they make you do this?

On the American Idol web site, they have a slide show of the” Jordin Sparks’ Transformation,” as if it’s a good thing. With each slide, we see your hair get progressively straighter. By the last frame, the curls have disappeared.

We beg you to toss that flat iron. Just say no to the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Embrace that gorgeous texture that helped you stand apart from the rest.

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