Fashion Week 2011: Re-introducing the curls

MoroccanOil hair treatments are all the rage right now for straight hair blowouts, but fear not, curly girl, it’s also surging in popularity as the latest trend in bringing beautiful, silky, smooth, glamorous curls directly to you. While New York’s Fall Fashion Week 2011 was largely one big, collective blowout of straight hair, plenty of designers sought out curl experts to represent! Tangles and tousles were peppered throughout – much to our appreciation – as evidenced by our Fashion Week curly coverage last week. Here are some beautiful examples of hairstyles from the runways achieved with MoroccanOil.

Badgley Mischka

Glamorous curls were created by Peter Gray for Badgley Mischka

Vera Wang

Stylist Orlando Pita created romantic yet modern hair for Vera Wang

What is MoroccanOil?

MoroccanOil is the brand name for the smoothing, styling, finishing and conditioning product containing the key ingredient argan oil. Argan oil is produced from the argan tree, native to Morocco, and contains fatty acids, vitamin E and phenols, among other things. Many experts regard it highly for its cosmetic properties and nutritional content. One of our own team members applauds MoroccanOil for its leave-in ability and shine quality, and believes it provides heat protection for her naturally curly 3a hair.

Many swear by MoroccanOil, but like all products, using it is a personal choice. Though MoroccanOil does have an organic ring to it and is touted by many as all natural, it does appear to contain silicone-based products, fragrances and artificial colorings, and the price is a tad steep. However, though many people use it everyday, it is used sparingly and the bottle lasts approximately six weeks.

Nanette Lepore

James Pecis created beautiful, soft, flowing braided hair for Nanette Lepore

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson at 2011 Golden Globes with a sweeping updo created using MoroccanOil

Improving the Curl for the Girl

The reason we are so excited at is that MoroccanOil is no longer exclusive to the straight-haired women of the world. Stylists, celebrities, designers and regular folk alike are always on a mission to improve the curl for the girl. Fashion Week stylists for designers Vera Wang, Badgely Mischka, Carolina Herrera and Nanette Lepore all employed MoroccanOil into their runway models' hair for a gorgeous hairstyle, be it straight, braided, Veronica Lake like, or naturally curly.