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From The New York Times' interview with Seventeen Magazine's new editor, Atoosa Rubenstein: ' ...after looking in the mirror, Ms. Rubenstein decided that another kind of editor would be needed to remake Seventeen, a much more conventional magazine than Cosmo Girl. So she began by straightening her hair. ...'The old hair said, 'Hi, I'm a quirky, wacky girl, and I don't care what anybody thinks.' The new hair said, 'I have work to do.'' Says wjadkins: 'The woman should be arrested for child abuse! How else should I look on this behavior from someone in charge of a 'teenage fashion bible . . . the most popular magazine for teenage girls.' Although I'm definitely past my teens, that's when we need all the help we can get for accepting ourselves (not to mention each of our diverse others) and making the most of what we already are. She's got my vote for this year's Thanksgiving Turkey.' Right on, wjadkins! For shame.