Nick Arrojo not only changes hairstyles but changes the way people feel about themselves.

Great Hair

Great Hair: Secrets to Looking Fabulous and Feeling Beautiful Every Day
By Nick Arrojo
St. Martin's Press, $17.95

Nick Arrojo is known nationwide for his ability to give women hairstyles that bring out their individual beauty. Every week millions of “What Not to Wear” viewers see him transform women’s outdated styles or unflattering cuts into fresh and contemporary looks. Most importantly, he helps them to realize their true beauty potential. He not only changes their hairstyles but changes the way they felt about themselves.

In Great Hair, Nick Arrojo reveals his styling secrets so that women can better understand their hair type, assess what hair styles will work best for their hair, face shape, and lifestyle, and get a terrific new look.

Great Hair provides a complete education about hair including:

  • Identifying your hair type and how that impacts cut, color, and styles - including ethnic hair
  • Understanding products and how to use them to their best advantage
  • A style guide with complete instructions on everything from blowouts to updos
  • Guidelines on choosing a flattering hair color that will enhance, not overpower
  • Dispelling myths and outdated ideas about hair care

Featuring before and after shots of real women (not models) Great Hair shows how any woman can find a style that will make her feel and look terrific. Following Nick Arrojo’s advice in Great Hair means no more bad hair days!


I cannot speak on what the books says as I have not read it. But for those who said he always straightens curly hair on WNTW, do you even watch the show? I have seen numerous times where he has styled curly hair - without straightening it and it looks great. He also will take frizzy hair and make beautiful waves.

Based on the cuts he did on WNTW, I woulnd't trust him with my hair. He was forever straightening curly hair, which is so unrealistic on a day-to-day basis, and doesn't respect AT ALL how beautiful curly hair can be. And now (off on a tangent here) the new stylist on WNTW is doing the exact same thing. Ugh! So frustrating.

"Identifying your hair type and how that impacts cut, color, and styles - including ethnic hair" It's 2009, and a bit late in the day to be taggin on "ethnic hair' at the end. On this basis alone, I'm not interested.

This book is a joke. The one model with gray or graying hair had a mullet. A MULLET!! Really? As a young woman choosing not to dye my premature grays, this saddened me. What about those of us with long waves, like waist length? No artfully layered long wavy cuts, just bobs. Sad.

If it is how KinkyKeeper says I am appalled by Mr. Arrojo! His ignorance is sickening...Why does everything have to revolve around white peoples' hair. Everyone deserves to have a beautiful crown...nothing is wrong with kinky hair...up your's Nick.

Granted I have not read the book, but based on what I saw on WNTW, I can say that I would NEVER allow this man to touch my hair, much less take advise from this man.

I too shouldn't speak - since I've not read the entire book as of yet... but, on the show, he almost always straightens curly hair - unless it's short, then he tries to play up the curl... sort of sad...

This book has no idea what it's talking about when it comes to kinky/ethnic/Black/nappy/4B hair. I can't speak to how it addresses hair types 3C and under becuase I couldn't bring myself to read anymore after my head exploded from what he thought of type 4 hair. Too coarse/thick to style, not versatile (bs, if anything kinky hair is the most versatile hair type and can hold any number of styles), not modern (WTF, if something comes out of my scalp and is not modern does that mean I am not modern?), unmanageable, can't be combed. It all reads like someone who has not been made aware of the fact that there are many 4Bs out there right now combing their hair with easy to do techniques, has not bothered to learn about the many myriad options for kinky hair like twists, braids, buns, as well as it's natural beautiful afro shape. So he writes what he knows. Becuase HE can't get a comb through kinky hair it must be impossible. Becuase HE must not know of any styles for kinky hair there must be none. Becuae HE can't concieve that afro hair might belong somewhere outside a 70's disco club, it must not be modern. And to add insult to ignorance, he tops it off with suggesting a relaxer for afro hair types. I am thouroughly dissapointed such nonsense as "Great Hair" got featured on such a progressive site as with it's outdated and unresearched claims on Black hair types that kink rather than curl. Seems Nick Arroyo can only appreciate looser curl types.

I haven't read this book yet, but I love the way Nick does the wet to dry sets on curly hair. I just posted in the 3c page asking if anyone has tried his wet set method with success.