Are you trying to walk every day? Have you quit smoking? Have you taken up flossing?

In October, we are focusing on health and wellness, and we would love to hear how you're working to live a healthier life. We will be selecting a winner who will receive an outfit from the Beyond Yoga Collection valued at $100.

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January 15, 2010

Congrats to our Healthy Life Contest Winner Monette Chilson

Here is the winning story:

When my kids went back to school this fall, I took the idea of holistic living and balance into the pages of my calendar. Yes, my calendar still has pages—no electronic gadgets for this book-loving gal. When I open up a new week, I check to make sure I have covered all my bases, and I don't just mean tackling enough items on the never-ending to-do list. I look for specific items each week that will nourish me physically, mentally and spiritually. A yoga class might do double duty as spiritual and physical sustenance. Time to write is crucial for my mental well-being. Doctors appointments—those annual check-ups and regular dentist visits—are a must for my physical upkeep, but they drain me in other ways, so I make sure that I limit them to one a week—no exceptions unless it's a medical emergency! That's where the balance comes into the picture. Too much of even a good thing can throw me out of balance, a lesson I learned when I scheduled numerous lunch and coffee dates with several close friends in one week. I love each of them dearly, but the sheer quantity of the time commitment, which would have otherwise been life-giving, knocked me out of balance, squeezing all the time for writing and introspection right out of my week.