Little Bo Peep seemed to have made an appearance at John Galliano’s Spring ready-to-wear show this season.

Galliano has always been a show stopper, mesmerizing his audiences with wild fantasy-like creations. There is no fear when it comes to being avant garde — in fact, it seems like he strives for it day to day. The creations that come out of this man’s head are truly a spectacle for the eyes, yet they are still so practical to wear.

Galliano enjoys mixing colors and patterns with soft and hard textures. Silk ribbons are paired with coarse wool knits and pastel dresses are combined with bright blue hair teased from root to tip. He even went as far as creating a sort of papier-mâché helmet for one of his models.

Although I don’t recommend jumping on to this new hair trend right away, it is certainly a well-thought-out visual display that compliments his ready-to-wear outfits beautifully.