We all know and love Julia Louis-Dreyfus for her and her curls’ starring roles in “Seinfeld.” Julia took her big, naturally curly hair and went to town in the 90s by pumping up the curl as much as possible for every episode. But despite the on-screen curls that eventually led to SJP (that’s Sarah Jessica Parker for all your non-Sex in the City fans”> rocking her own curls and inspiring millions of curly girls everywhere, had it not been for Louis-Dreyfus’ Saturday Night Live stint in the early 90s, and her hard-core attitude and love for her natural ‘do, we may have never seen them.

According to Jezebel, after blowing out her curls to portray a specific character during a Saturday Night Live skit, Julia was called in to an NBC producer’s office where she was told that, after seeing her performance with her straight hair the night before, all the producers wanted to — and I’m tossing in a bad word alert here — “f*ck her.”

Hysterically laughing in the face of a producer who apparently thought that not only was straight hair better, but that all women performers want is to make men want to have sex with them, Julia refused to go the straight route with her natural curls. Instead, she did the exact opposite, and when she landed the “Seinfeld” gig, she enhanced her curl to be bigger and better.

As fate would have it, Julia ended up running in to that same producer years later whose only response was, according to Jezebel, “Hey, Julia, I see they’re letting you do your hair the way you want now.”

Yea, NBC, I guess they are.