It is a question that plagues society from the smallest town middle schools to Hollywood and beyond: what does the perfect woman look like? Now, we aren’t endorsing that this is a valid question, certainly beauty is judged by the beholder for things much, much deeper than looks will ever be able to reach. Nonetheless, every year, some website or publication somewhere releases a photo of that year’s most beautiful woman – 2010 was Rihanna, no? We’re still waiting on the official word for 2011.

Well, beginning us off on the most beautiful foot, British website Feelunique.com asked its readers which features from which celebrities they would combine to make the perfect woman. Turns out, Angelina Jolie’s lips still hold massive merit. Rounding out the other categories, the perfect woman has Keira Knightley’s cheekbones, Megan Fox’s eyebrows, Gwyneth Paltrow’s chin, Cheryl Cole’s eyes and Kate Middleton’s hair.

None of this comes as anything super surprising, especially that the new Duchess of Cambridge made the top list for one of her attributes. I’m surprised Pippa’s bridesmaid dress wasn’t the clothing item of choice for the perfect woman considering how long that made national headlines. What is surprising though is that Feelunqiue.com users said that the reason Kate’s hair won best in show was for its natural wave.

Wait, so the perfect woman has texture? Albeit, it isn’t much – this was a study performed in Britain mind you – but I can’t help but smile a bit. Out with the long, straight-as-a-board strands and in with natural color and natural texture is what this “study” says to me.

On another note, the combination woman actually looks a lot like Kim Kardashian, who did not make the list at all (again, survey performed in the UK”>. Love or hate Kim, she definitely proves that outer-beauty is only skin deep – even if she does look like the UK’s version of the perfect woman.

Back across the pond and stateside, I say let’s stick to Rihanna.


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