Top 4 things I learned at Kim Vo's salon:

-The people feel like family—they're friendly, sincere and love what they do

-Kim Vo can color some hair

-Tell your stylist you want to "whisper, talk or shout" with your hair. This way, you'll speak the same language—he or she will know whether to make those auburn highlights a brighter red (shout) or to tone them down to a lighter side of brown (whisper).

-Don't commit to anything questionable over a glass of red wine, whether it's a haircut or a favor for a friend. Something we all know better.

I recently traveled to L.A. to catch up with old friends and to visit with a few industry acquaintances of NaturallyCurly's.

Though I was unable to see all the amazing brands and partners in the area, I did spoil myself with a drive-by of Chaz Dean's oasis as well as a morning spent at the Montage with Kim Vo. What do these two have in common? NaturallyCurly, Serenity and Bravo TV programming (see Chaz and Kim).

First stop: Chaz Dean


I have to admit, I've been known to watch the Bravo show Flipping Out and had tuned in to the episodes of Jeff Lewis renovating Chaz's salon site. To see it in person was something else— beautiful. Zen. The salon is a healthy portion of an entire block just off Sunset Boulevard and could not feel further away from the Hollywood hustle and bustle.


Different houses and gardens dot the landscape of the Dean domain. Thanks to Craig, their operations manager, for the tour, as Chaz and most of his crew were off at QVC.


I made sure to load up on some of my favorite scents and products— I'm addicted to the Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner—I left with peace of mind and a Wen candle scented in clean cucumber.

Next step, last but certainly not least—Kim Vo's Salon at the Montage luxury hotel in Beverly Hills.


I'd previously met Kim at an industry show, and my second time in his presence was consistent with the first. I'm not sure I've met a more pleasant and sincere stylist—and a celebrity at that. Watching Kim weave through his salon and interact with clients, even if they were not personally his, was a frequent sight. He talked me through the finer points of how to REALLY communicate with a stylist. For example, we've all had that cut, color or style where we've asked for one thing . . . and walked away with something entirely different. His simple secret in how to overcome this—see #3 of my top 4 insights above.

Thanks to Kim for a color that keeps sending compliments my way—four weeks later.