columnist Judith Woods reveals extreme anti-curl bias March 2004Surly icon

This is just a taste of the column:

‘The actress Kate Beckinsale couldn’t have caused a greater frisson of horror if she had appeared at an awards ceremony in Los Angeles this week wearing Dynasty-style shoulder pads and dangly earrings. For once, it wasn’t a daring decolletage that helped her to hog the limelight, but something much more seditious: her hair.

The Pearl Harbor star, you see, has gone curly. Not just half-an-hour-with-heated-tongs kinky, or can’t-be-bothered-blow-drying wavy; no, she has a magnificent mane of fully fledged Crystal Tipps curls. Worse, tongues are wagging that she might even have had a perm.

In fashion, where flat is chic and everyone uses hair straighteners, going curly is tantamount to anarchy. From Avril Lavigne to Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie to Jennifer Lopez, poker-straight has long been considered the height of glamour.

Being born with curls is considered a relatively harmless affliction, but actually going to a stylist and asking for a perm is one step from shaving one’s hair off and joining the Hari Krishnas.’

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