I was fortunate enough to be involved with a fabulous event that occurred recently in Houston. As a kickoff for the 5th Annual Women’s Empowerment Conference (AWEC), the Welcome to Houston: Kim Coles Celebrates YOU! Soiree was held at the magnificent Natural Resources Salon. We were treated to a warm and intimate environment with beautiful and motivated women filling the space. Actress and comedienne Kim Coles was the perfect host and engaged the audience with her personal stories.

Most recognizable from her character on Living Single, Kim has been starring in film and television for over two decades. For those who don’t know, she took the natural plunge in December 2010, garnering support from the natural community instantly. She had worn her hair in braids and extensions for majority of her acting career, but decided she needed a change in her life, and what better way than to start with her crowning glory. This was a great way to relate and interact with the audience at Natural Resources Salon. This event really shows that there’s nothing you can't do and succeed at with hard work and a great attitude!

Not only were we treated with the presence of the beautiful Kim Coles, there was also great music, food and fellowship too. Attendees mixed and mingled with each other, networking and developing great connections for future endeavors. The objective and driving factor behind this fantastic event is to empower women to pursue their dreams, goals and ideas. There’s no force greater than a woman with a plan, and the AWEC seeks to encourage and inspire women to not only have a plan, but to work at it as well. Kim is a great example and role model for women everywhere because of her tenacity and authenticity.

Kim Coles will be partnering with the OWN network on a game show coming this summer. The “Are You Normal, America” game show seeks to discuss many hot topics and answer a multitude of questions, both serious and hilarious. She will also be bringing her very own one woman show entitled “But Wait, There’s More!” to Los Angeles this June.