Sounds easy enough. That is, until an embarrassing memory jars your curly head. Maybe it’s the moment you untangle yourself from bed, wearing little more than your guy’s hipster, snap-button shirt and feeling oh-so-hot – until you glance in the mirror to reveal an image that’s more Medusa (the serpent-goddess) than muse (inspiringly sexy). Panic sets in. You peak around to make sure he’s still snoozing,while you rush into the bathroom to tame your tresses. Of course, this is also the guy that just happens to like everything in its place. He’s meticulous, and you’re a mess. Hate when that happens.

So, how do you keep your curls captivating from a demure dinner all the way through a beguiling breakfast? We turned to New York’s glam stylist Rodney Cutler, who has rocked the curls of countless models for Fashion Week’s catwalk, and also serves as grooming stylist for Esquire magazine. Whether you’re a classic romantic, a tempting chameleon or an unbridled drama queen, check out these curly style ideas certain to sprinkle sizzle into your seductive night.


Love style: Romantic

Your look is classic, and for you it’s all about romance. Rose petals, fine chocolates and elegance is the theme of the night. Cutler suggests starting with a Hollywood-inspired style: set your tresses with hot rollers or a medium-size curling iron. Before dessert, you can make it even more elegant by adding a twist with a quick, curly updo.

“Make a side part, pull it up – but not tight or slick – folding both sides from the back into itself, right in the center, and pin it. You’ll still keep the curls around the front – kind of like an evening at the Oscars,” Cutler explains. “You want to still see the movement and waves, but it’s not messy.”

For those with tighter curls or kinks, skip the hot rollers and curling iron and simply use the curls you have to create a romantic updo. “It will create more of an ethereal look instead of classic Hollywood,” Cutler says.

Once it’s up, add a touch of light hairspray – just enough to hold your do, but nothing too sticky. When it’s time to follow the trail of rose petals into the bedroom, gently remove the pins and set yourself and your curls free.

“In the morning, you’ll still have the classic feel, but it will be more time appropriate,” Cutler says. “The curls will still be there, but they will be long, soft and beautiful.”

While your guy is distracted in the kitchen fixing your favorite breakfast treats, you can disappear to freshen your curls with an anti-frizz serum or gloss.

“All you're doing is adding moisture to give it a bit of bounce in the morning,” says Cutler.


Love style: Temptress

Your look is always changing, and for you it’s all about the element of surprise, sexy fun and temptation. He reaches in to kiss you, and you pull away just enough to keep him wanting more. To feed your need for change, Cutler suggests three quick styles to twist up your adventurous evening.

“Start with loopy curls. Then later in the evening disappear into the bathroom with a half-dozen bobby pins and randomly pull pieces up away from the face to give it that disheveled, abstract look – kind of like a loose, free-form updo,” Cutler says. “You can do that literally in 30 seconds, and it will change your whole silhouette. But you still have your curls.”

By the time the sun rises, you slip away again (keeping him guessing), and within seconds you add two bra strap headbands to pull the hair back from the face.

“Put one band in the hairline and one farther back,” Cutler says. “You don’t want hair hanging down the back, so you’ll still have some of the pins in and it looks fun. The bra strap headbands will scrunch the curls close together making it look like a short hairstyle. You can add a little (Redken Rough Paste) just to make the ends look a little more piecey and separated.”

Drama Queen

Love style: Vixen

Your look is "anything goes." And for you, it’s all about drama.

Keeping with your wild-child image, Cutler suggests starting out slow and building from there. First, use your favorite styling spray or gel and twist your tresses into rope curls, using very small sections.

“As the evening goes on, pull it apart so it’s really wild and over the top – what you’d see in a Gucci campaign or on the runway,” Cutler says. “So, it starts in beautiful ringlets and by the time dessert is on, it will be very sexy, wild and dramatic.”

When morning rolls around, tame it down a bit with an anti-frizz serum to add moisture.

“Then, use the texture you’ve created and put it back in a ponytail, pull the hair apart and pin the hair around the ponytail to create a bun,” Cutler says.

But we’re not talking librarian-style bun -- yours is still a bit wild.

“If you have a little hair coming out on the sides, that’s fine,” Cutler explains. “The texture will still give it a dramatic feel.”