After last season's curl bashing, Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger extends a curly olive branch – but still forces a flat iron on curly girl

Patti Stanger

On a recent episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker," host Patti Stanger, center, argued with her cohorts about the virtues of curly hair.

Patti Stanger, the brazen matchmaker with raven, stick-straight locks, is back. You may recall the curl controversy from the first season of Bravo's "Millionaire Matchmaker." Last year, the reality TV star directed women to flatten their textured tresses if they wanted a shot at one of her bachelors — even referring to one woman's hair as a Brillo pad.

Fast forward to the February launch of the show's second season. Stanger returns with a somewhat softer, gentler side. But it's a slow reveal.

During the second episode, textured tresses again become an issue. This time it's the Botticelli curls of a modelesque, green-eyed brunette that sparks a match of wills.

Destin, Stanger's right-hand man on the show, apparently crosses a line when he tells the curly candidate that her "makeup looks great, hair looks great."

"No, no, no, no," Stanger pipes in. "Hair does not look good."

"I love it. I love it," Destin says.

Then begins the singsongy standoff.

"Hair does not look good. Hair does not look good. Hair does not look good."

"Hair looks great. Hair looks great."

"Yeah, because you like curly," Stanger retorts, ending the repetitive chorus-like tussle. She quickly turns to the potential love candidate with finality: "I need you to blow it straight."

Oh no, not again. You can almost feel curlies cringe everywhere.

Then, an apology. (Sigh of relief.) Well, kind of. It seems Stanger (or her producers) want to avoid any curl commotion. The show cuts to what appears to be a preemptive strike.

"I usually suggest women blow their hair out to be silky straight because the men request it," explains Stanger, looking straight into the camera. "It has nothing to do with me not liking curly hair. In fact, I do like curly hair, as long as it's not damaged."

Huh? The woman's hair in this episode did not look damaged and we never actually hear any of the bachelors request "silky straight" hair. But at least she appears to give curlies a collective hug. In fact, she even hires the curly girlfriend of her right-hand man Destin to work for her. (You never hear Stanger ask her to find a flatiron.)

To her credit, Stanger openly admits she's "really harsh" during her casting sessions. And this season, she also appears empathic (dare I say, sympathetic) to the women who are chosen, often saying she has to protect "her girls."

At the same time, she explains: "If I don't use tough love in this business, they will walk all over me."

Unfortunately, the tough love was taken to heart by that brunette with Botticelli curls. After the bachelorette hammered her hair straight, she didn't even garner a glimpse from the episode's millionaire during a mixer.

Maybe next time Stanger will take a chance on a curly. And maybe curlies will give the reality star another chance. Hmm . . . perhaps there's a match here after all.

Teri Evans
oh yeah, she's an idiot. Was there any question about that? I will be the first to admit that one of the girls from last year's hair she told to straighten was pretty frizzy and not cute, but actually looked WAY worse when she straightened it. I think where she's coming from is that straight hair is more "touchable". I mean... I know I constantly touch my hair on the few occasions it's been straightened. Though plenty of guys in this world think curly hair is more playful and touchable... just maybe I know it will turn into a frizzy mess if he runs his fingers through it. Either way, she's an idiot. Definitly had guys approach me specifically because of my curls.

Is she serious? I've dated guys who have actually mentioned that they liked my curls. I remember one situation when I decided to straighten my hair one day, just for a change. The guy I was seeing at the time picked me up at work to go out - he took one look at me, got this weird look on his face and said "What did you do to your hair??" It was not a compliment, ha! Curls are fun, go with them!!

and just to add, i dont think i have ever met a man out there who has ever said something bad about my curls, or curly hair in general..its usually woman, if anyone, who make the mean comments..all three of my best friends have curls, we dont watch the show anymore..

I think what bothers me is that there are girls out there watching the show thinking that they cant get a man with their curly hair, and thats not true at all..not

"I really doubt that a so call desirable bachelor " Just one question-- why would a desirable millionaire have to go to a matchmaker? Because something is wrong with them! I admit, I watch the show occasionally. ALL of the guys on there are either pigs or want what they can't have or what have you. No normal guys. Because normal guys can get their own dates.

Patti is vulgar, looks bizarre and has no business telling anyone anything to do with appearance. Hey Patti, was the movie with curly Julia Roberts entitled "Ugly Woman? " I don't watch anymore.

Patti has no right to speak of any other persons hair whether it be curly or straight because her hair is UGLY! As a matter of fact she looks like a man. If she is such a great matchmaker, how come she doesnt have a husband?? Hmm Ms Stanger maybe its your wonderful personality? NOT

By the way...she looks like she wears wigs, look at her pics closer. We might have a curly haired on denial under that wig? Or someone with such a low self esteem that takes in in with those who makes her feel uglier.

Men with good taste, that had have it all want something unique, exotic. I really doubt that a so call desirable bachelor would totally reject a beautiful woman due to her curls. My husband, who by the way is a successful man, well established, LOVE my curls. Since the first day we met he said that that is what made make me stand out from the ordinary and all the clones out there. He love it when we go out and I am wearing my curls. Ms. Patti need some curls herself. Not even that! I doubt that that woman even know how to get a man for herself. She looks like a Drag Queen.

Her hair looks like a wig. Its so fkae looking.

I think Patti would look a lot better with curls, actually. (And maybe she should get rid of the orange fake tan and her excessive make-up)

I think her hair looks like crap. Them bangs have to go, it makes her face look weird shaped.

I don't think Patti is out of line. Granted she does use the tough love-tell it like it is approach, she is being honest. First off she has a point. All of the girls that they have shown with curly hair have unhealthy, wacked out, frizzy hair! It's not like they have a nice set of curls. And if they do and she tells them to straighten it, then it is because that is what the client has requested. These clients fill out extensive reports and paperwork detailing what they want physically in a woman, and her job is to get as close to it as possible.

I no longer watch the show because of Patti's curly hair insults.

I don't think I'd want to date anyone whom had a problem with accepting me as I am. This is the package I come in....take it or leave it. Anyway, I've had my hair relaxed before, and have been a natural(again), for the last close to 6 years. And I can say that I've gotten MORE attention as a natural than as a straightie. No matter the man's background or nationality. Not matter the person's financial situation(since we're talking about snagging millionaires here, lol). Not to say they didn't like my hair straight or that I have anything against straight hair, as I sometimes straighten for a change. But I think people are drawn to women who are comfortable with who they are. When you radiate a certain type of confidence, the hair becomes minuscule. While it's a part of the whole package, it's one minute part and if someone is really interested in a good woman, and everything else falls into place, why is whether she wears her hair straight or curly important? It shouldn't be. Then I'd have to kinda question wanting to snag a millionaire anyway. I guess if you're walking into a situation with a specific guy in mind(financially), I guess you better expect them to want you to have specific characteristics, huh? LOL! No thanks.

les WOW how absurd

Unfortunately, I landed on this ridiculously inane show while channel surfing and just happened to catch this outrageous clip. On the one hand, it was distressing, if only because I'm so tired of everyone assuming that "straight hair is better" (I'm starting to wonder if curly hair is soon going to be considered something reflective of "unkempt" and that straightening it is an essential part of good grooming, like brushing one's teeth). On the other hand, I had to LOL, given that the person saying this looks a bit freakish, despite her "good" hair. Not to mention the women they line up for possible dates... As an East Coast person (with a brain), I have to chuckle over what passes as "beauty" out there. Let's hope that the rest of the world stays sane and values beauty in all its shapes, colors, sizes, and diversity.

1. Patti does not have a millionaire boyfriend or husband. 2. Patti herself looks pretty damn awful. 3. Patti -- despite her protests that it's the men who want the straight hair, not her -- is making countless numbers of women feel undesirable because they don't have curly hair. That is unforgivable. 4. Guessing what a "millionaire" likes is no different than assuming that every bricklayer prefers certain attributes. It's preposterous, as is the whole concept of this asinine show.

No offense toward straight haired ladies or the millionaires that date them, but I'm not surprised or upset about her "silky straight" rule. She also insists that short haired women get extensions, in part because LA is so image conscious. I'm sure that a good amount of the men she's "shopping" for specify that they're looking for the Hollywood femme fatale type, and that includes young, tall, thin and flowing locks. Curly hair, even though we don't think that, is still considered an exotic feature.