It was like the scene from “The Wizard of Oz,” the one where Dorothy, the Tin Man, The Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion all get makeovers in the Emerald City.

We ran into Austin curl and color expert Ron King on the plane back from America’s Beauty Show in Chicago. He took one look at us and decided we all needed a color makeover. Ron, a spokesman for L’Oreal Professionnel, is one of a handful of colorists around the country who first previewed INOA—L’Oreal Professionnel’s hot new ammonia-free, professional hair color—before its launch earlier this year. INOA stands for Innovation No Ammonia.

Who were we to turn down such an offer? So NaturallyCurly CEO Crista Bailey, President Michelle Breyer and Vice President of Sales Lori Kerrigan took off early on a Thursday afternoon to meet at Ron’s chic Bo Salon on South Congress.

We got the royal treatment.


Crista’s Perspective

What a treat! I’ve got type 1, straight hair, living in a curly world, and I was in desperate need of something to cover up the gray lurking under my longer brown hair. I was in the need of a cut, a color and something new. I’ve worn the same look for quite a while and needed an update.

I got it and then some.

Ron and his crew get an A-Plus for talent, entertainment and customer service. King chose the perfect INOA color to deepen my brown just a bit to a darker chestnut, and erasing my gray. While waiting on the color to set, they threw in a hand massages by Angela Torres and a microdermabrasion treatment from esthetician Leslie Webber to repair the sun damage caused by dozens of Gulf Coast summers.

Meanwhile, I returned to see Lori’s fabulous rich color and Michelle’s highlights in progress. Next up for me, a cut. Craig Piatti, Ron’s business partner, whisked me into the world of bangs and a shorter, textured cut. This is a world I have not lived in since high school. Even so, he made me want to own a new look and feel, despite the big change from my usual easy, straight ‘do. After the cut, I, too, received INOA, with balayage highlights, and love the little bit of golden brown revealed here and there.

Since the cut, color, highlight and more, I’ve received various compliments and comments about my new look. People at work love the style and color, telling me I look 10 years younger.

Will I keep the bangs? Probably not, to be honest, but the bangs and cut have reminded me that it’s healthy to mix it up—I’ve opened my mind to other “different” cuts in my future.

Do I love the INOA color? Love it. Love it. Would do it again.

I will certainly be visiting Bo Salon again.


Lori’s Perspective

I was thrilled to be treated to color from “The Style King” himself. Ron wanted to give the NaturallyCurly gals a taste of INOA since he is the southwest educator and training professional for the new color system.

He looked at my mousy brown locks, and told me he wanted to go with a warmer, auburn mahogany feel. I was game.

The final result was stunning—better than I expected. It complemented my skin tone. In the Austin sunlight, my hair had a golden auburn hue.

While at the Bo Salon, I got treated like royalty. Angela Torres gave me a makeover using the Ron King cosmetics, including an false lashes—an extra-special touch.

After leaving the Bo Salon and wearing the new ‘do for a few weeks, I noticed the INOA color provoked conversation because so many strangers told me how much they “love my hair.” Thanks to King, his rock star team and the INOA system, I am in love and want to keep my warm auburn look this summer.


Michelle’s Perspective

I got my first taste of INOA at a beauty blogging event in New York City during Fashion Week, and have become a convert. So when Ron said he wanted to lighten up my look using INOA, he didn’t have to twist my arm.

He applied a warmer brown tone, giving me caramel highlights using balliage – painstakingly painting sections of hair like Renoir.

I sipped a glass of chardonnay and read the latest issue of Vogue as I waited for my color to process and watched the transformations of Crista and Lori.

After rinsing my hair, I also was treated to a facial by the amazing Leslie. Then Craig gave me a beautiful Deva cut to give my curls more shape.

He diffused my hair, creating voluminous curls. The color and cut were beautiful—rich and shiny.

Not a bad way to spend a Thursday afternoon!

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