Gretchen Heber, left, and Michelle Breyer founded in 1998. has been named one of Austin's "30 City Gems" by Austin Monthly magazine, in its December issue.

The nod reports: "When curly-headed Austinites Gretchen Heber and Michelle Breyer launched 11 years ago, they were doing what many of us only dream about: following a passion. The site exploeded and has since become the go-to place on the Web for both curly-girles around the world and the companies that make products for them. Heber and Breyer follow in long line of Austin entrepreneurs who are living proof that work can be fun — and insanely rewarding. They insist the secret to their success is simple: "A lot of curlies—a lot of room to grow."

In picking its 30 gems, the magazine says "There are enough obvious cool things about Austin that we could make a list of them in our sleep. But wake up, fellow Austinites—there are so many obscure, iconoclastic, quirky and fascinating facets of this town that we compiled an entirely different kind of list. These are 30 more gems—new or under the radar—that will make you appreciate our city's cool factor."