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wanda sykes

Wanda Sykes

Dyes can be very harsh. Especially when you're lifting dark hair up to a light brown or blond.

You're right! The blond was drying my hair out, so after this last cut, I decided I was just going to lay off the color- the lighter colors. I still wanted to put something in it to cover my grays, so we opted for darker tones. My hair is the healthiest it's ever been. The only thing I still do on occasion is texturize. I feel guilty sometimes like I'm cheating, but my stylist keeps telling me it's no big deal. It smooths the texture out a little and helps me retain more length. I was a little concerned at first because it's the same stuff you'd use for a perm, but she explained that it's milder and it's only left in for a few moments… like not even a minute. I want to be all natural; I tried. The texturizer stretches the curl a little so that it doesn't break as much. I've experienced a lot of retention since going this route. So that's been great.

I feel you, I retain more length when I keep my hair stretched. I set my hair in twists which helps it hang and keeps it from knotting up on itself. That may be an option you guys can look into.

I will definitely give that a try, now that I have more length for twisting. I'm still representing for the curlies though. I'll never go back.

So your hair is ridic! In pictures, your curls are always so perfect and defined. What is your process?

When I have an upcoming photo shoot or TV appearance, and I want a very neat and finished look, my stylist sets my hair on drinking straws or flexi rods.

What about on a regular day? Do you do your own hair?

Yeah, every day! I used to wash it all the time, but now I'm getting into the shampoo free thing. WEN sent me some products to try and while I like the moisture it gives, it shrinks my hair up like crazy. It leaves me with more of an afro look, rather than defined ringlets. But it really does give great moisture.

It's crazy how this thing is trial and error! I've read how you've gone through so many different products and some days the results are great, some days, not so much. For me, I noticed that I sometimes happen upon a good combination, like I mix one product with another and I'm like, 'oh, okay… that did okay!' It's like a damn science lab! Reading CurlyNikki and watching your process has helped me out a lot, seriously.

You have to keep notes, or you'll never remember what worked and what didn't.

You know what, you're right. That's what I need to do. I should start writing down everything. Like when I get out of the shower—did I towel it off and then apply the products… or apply it straight to soaking wet hair? That's the kind of stuff you forget.

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