Oprah with a naturally curly hairstyle on the cover of O magazine

You know the natural hair movement is real when media moguls take notice and take action. The queen of media, Oprah Winfrey, recently took to the cover of her “O” magazine, donning her glorious crown of natural hair. This photograph is indeed worth a thousand words, and it speaks volumes to the growing acceptance of natural hair in our society.

This particular issue of “O” tackles self-transformation, with topics ranging from style and attitude to health and friendships and everything in between. It’s actually a great segue to discussing the trend of embracing your natural hair. As of late there have been many influential celebrities opting to step out on the scene with their own natural hair. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a wig, weave or extensions, there’s something powerful in the statement made by rocking your own curls, coils or waves. With a following as big as hers, Oprah certainly knows what she’s doing in the choice she made to go au natural.

The natural hair community is showing great support for the media queen, but of course there are always those who aren’t as enthusiastic. There’s nothing wrong with not liking the way someone else wears their hair, but they are their own person and they can do as they please. I’m not sure many people outside of the natural hair community can relate to the feeling of walking out the door with their curls intact only to be met with criticism and scrutiny. Being judged by the public based on the way you wear your hair is tough enough for us non-celebrity women, but I can only imagine how it feels for such a prominent figure like Oprah. I’m sure she received her share of commentary from her team, but in the end, she’s a grown woman capable of making her own decisions and she’s doing it very well.

Confidence comes in all forms, shapes and sizes and Oprah is giving us poise and self-assurance all day! She’s flawless when she wears hair pieces yet she looks effortlessly fabulous showing us her curls. Big hair don’t care, and she’s making it look so easy on the cover of her magazine. I congratulate her for taking to her own platform and showing the world that natural hair is more than OKAY! I hope this continues to inspire and motivate those who may be on the fence about wearing their natural hair in public. Flaunt what you’ve got and let the world see your curls!

Lisa Michelle

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