Brooklyn Decker wearing a milkmaid braid
Looking for more ways to style your textured tresses? Celebrities are twisting, twirling, and intertwining their locks — the possibilities with braid hairstyles are seemingly endless! See how celebrities are sporting the look of this lasting trend.

Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn makes this farm-girl-meets-red-carpet look effortless while sporting her version of a milkmaid braid.

Hilary Duff wearing a plaited side braid

Hilary Duff

Who says untidy can't be chic? Hilary braids a leather strip of ribbon into her widely plaited side braid for an earthy feel.

Nicole Richie with a wrap around braid

Nicole Richie

Nicole wears wispy bangs that frame her face and wrap around braid for a look we would describe as angelic.

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Kim Kardashian wearing fishtail braids

Kim Kardashian

Kim gets cheeky in Munich, Germany wearing traditional garb and sporting matching twin fishtail braids.

Elle Macpherson wearing a long ponytail with a broad plaited base

Elle Macpherson

She looks all parts super model in her jeweled gown and long ponytail with a broad plaited base.

Rihanna wearing a long English braid


Rihanna wears fiery red locks woven into an extra long English braid.

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Kirsten Dunst with a Swiss braid

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten puts her angled bangs on display by plaiting a Swiss braid along her forehead.

Sarah Michelle Gellar with dual French braids

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah rocks dual French braids along the sides of her head for a playful look. Both of the come together in the back to form a messy bun.

Willow Smith wearing a high French braid

Willow Smith

The pint-sized singing sensation goes fashion forward with a sky-high single French braid along the middle of her topper. We wish we could have that kind of volume everyday!

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Thandie Newton wearing a side braid

Thandie Newton

We can't decide which is better, Thandie’s ear-to-ear grin or her side braid with an oversized matching black bow.

Leona Lewis with a fishtail braid

Leona Lewis

Leona goes for a relaxed red-carpet fishtail hairstyle to compliment her asymmetrical dress.

Eve wearing a Rapunzel length braid


Eve incorporates both Hollywood glamour and modern edge into her 'do with this twist on her Rapunzel length braid.

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Heidi Klum with a Grecian-style braid

Heidi Klum

Heidi sports a larger-than-life, Grecian-style braid tightly wrapped around a bun.

Drew Barrymore with loose braids

Drew Barrymore

Drew has a few loosely braided strands woven into her bohemian ombre locks for a hide-and-seek effect.

Alicia Keys with a fishtail braid

Alicia Keys

Alicia pairs a deep side part with flipped forward bangs and puts a twist on her fishtail braid by starting the plaits above her ear instead of playing it safe with a low side braid.

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Rachel Zoe with a thick braid

Rachel Zoe

Style guru Rachel Zoe goes with a bold, thickly plaited braid in combination with a wavy ponytail thrown over her shoulder.

Bar Rafaeli with a fishtail braid
Bar Rafaeli

Bar gives her fine strands some finesse by throwing her sun kissed locks into a fishtail braid, giving the illusion of thicker tresses.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

Zoe's delicate updo combines fine braids that frame her crown for a stunning red-carpet style.

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Blake Lively intertwines a fishtail braid within a side braid

Blake Lively

Blake intertwines a fishtail braid within a side braid, while promoting one of her flicks for an oh-so-fashion-forward 'do.

Jessica Alba with a pair of delicate crown braids

Jessica Alba

Jessica opts for a pair of delicate crown braids while making a stunning statement in a cobalt blue gown and matching accessories.

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