Two of music's most acclaimed pop stars showed off the latest red hot trend at last night's 2011 Grammy Awards: red hair and natural waves. These trendy hairstyles prevailed over formal updos. Celebrity stylist René Fris reveals how to easily achieve these all the rage looks on your own.


Red-hot Rihanna

The lovely Rihanna showed off some killer red locks last night, wearing her flaming tresses in a chic and flirty bob. René praises the pop princess for abandoning her past choppy short styles in favor of this longer look. For this voluminous look, start by spraying a root lifter on damp hair - try a root lift mousse. Next, blow dry hair using a round brush, really lifting up hair at the roots. Part hair at the side and set the look off with hair spray.

Florence Welch

Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine

British songstress Florence Welch’s fiery red hair is bold enough to rival her powerhouse voice. René notes that red is universally flattering and sure to be a hit in spring 2011. With color this intense, it’s best to opt for a simple and loose style. The cut is most important - long layers will lend great texture to the overall look. The rest is simple; choose a pomade and emulsify the pomade between palms and run through damp hair. Allow hair to air dry. If you want to try out bangs like Florence’s but are scared to take the scissor plunge, fake it! Try Clip In Bangs for a non-committal style.

About René Fris

René Fris is world renown in the field of beauty and grooming. His legendary styling skills have landed him many television spots, most notably as specialist on the European Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and co-host and mentor on Bravo’s Shear Genius. Born in Copenhagen, René currently resides in New York where he appears as a star stylist at Carsten Aveda Institute. Rene’s latest project on René allows him to cater to clients all around the world with an innovative web-based consultation service. René hopes to reach out to people everywhere, helping them uncover their personal style to look and feel their best!