Oh the life of being the Duchess of Cambridge must be so darn difficult — no really! Kate Middleton, the average woman living the life so many young girls dream about, meeting a prince and that whole nine yards, has seriously had to undergo some rude awakenings and personal changes in order to fit into her new world.

Her oh-so-casual style was mocked in the tabloids in the months before her marriage to Prince William, and her weight was apparently a castle-wide discussion when she would visit the queen. Since then, Kate has significantly slimmed down while bulking up her fancy clothes closet. And despite what any of us may think about the societal pressures of dress and weight, the world is in love with the woman Kate is as a Duchess, not necessarily the one she was when she wasn't.

All that aside, Kate has managed to keep her feet on the ground in other ways, specifically through her hair and makeup, both of which she reportedly still does herself. But, alas, the media and even her adorning fans aren't necessarily happy with what may be the last of the Duchess' own personal choices.

According to Hollywood Life, Kate Middleton' hair length has been a hot button issue in the UK for quite some time. In comparison to others who have come before her, many feel that Kate's long locks are too distracting and encourage people to focus on her beauty rather than her position. Note that the Queen, Camilla and the late Princess Di all sport cropped locks.

The reporter said to be ruffling the waves on the other side of the pond is calling Kate "your Royal Hairness," and urges her to, “Discard the comfort blanket and let the world see you for the lovely, kind young woman you really are.”

Um, I don't know about you, curlies, but I don't think Kate Middleton's long, albeit beautiful, tresses are any type of distraction from her position, nor does she use them to tout her beauty. It is her hair, after all! She has the right to do with it as she pleases. Now, would I be upset to see her chop it all off? No way, but only if it was her decision and not because of some jealous reporter.

What do you think, curlies? Sound off below. I'm going to go have some tea to calm down...