In January, it is customary to make resolutions for the coming year -- lose weight, be nicer to people, stop smoking, etc. At, we decided to gather curly resolutions from the some of the nation's top curl experts. And as for our own resolutions, Gretchen and I are working hard to continue to make this the best place for curlies of all ages, hair types, sexes and ethnities. We want to offer the best advice, a growing assortment of quality curly products, lots of fun giveaways and other exciting enhancements to the site. But as we grow, we don't want to lose the incredible sense of community that makes so unique and special. So let's toast to an incredible 2005, full of unlimited possibilities for us all. From our other experts: Jason Yates, Farouk Systems, creative director of Farouk Systems: 'Do make sure you are using the very latest in technology. New for March 2005, we'll be offering CHI Quick-Smooth, a one-hour salon service that will permanently smooth down hair.

Christo of Christo Fifth Avenue and the Curlisto line of products:Your hair is serious business. Take charge of it this year. Take good care of your hair. Most of all, wear it anyway you prefer to maximize the potential and get the best possible hair for you.

Amie Zimmerman, Curl Master from Dirty Little Secret in Portland, Ore:Don’t be afraid to try a fun, curly style -- a straw set, a pipe set, a roller set, something different. Break the routine!

Jessica McGuinty of Jessicurl: Get regular trims! It seems like so many problems could be fixed by just getting a trim.

Dana Kaplan, Curl Master from M Salon in Cambridge, Mass.:'After the new year, go for a new color, a new cut and a new you.'

Rodney Cutler, Cutler Salon: Moisture, moisture, moisture -- is absolutely the most important thing to do. And products have become even more important than a good haircut or a good color with curly hair. And throw away your brushes.

Frederic Fekkai, stylist and the creator of the popular haircare line: Treat hair weekly using a deep conditioning hair mask.(Try one formulated with shea butter like Frederic Fekkai Shea Butter Hair Mask.) Also use products that fight frizz like Frederic Fekkai Smooth Hair hydrating cream. Never brush curly hair when it is dry. This distributes air through strands, which creates more frizz.

Lorraine Massey of 'Curly Girl' and Devacurl fame: 'A new YOU resolution has got to be completely eliminating sodiums, sulfates, and plastic resin from your gorgeous organic crop. It is truly the only way to preserve curls (or any hair for that matter -- and color too).'

Ouidad, the Queen of Curl: Be nice to your curls by feeding them; do a deep treatment every two weeks.

Diane Da Costa: Do remember to moisturize your ends with a light pomade or gloss.