Nathan Ferraro

When Nathan Ferraro's stick-straight hair turned curly as a teen, he hated it. He worried that girls wouldn't like him because of his ringlets, and his sister would help him flat iron it straight.

Now the lead singer of Midway State considers those curls one of his biggest assets.

"I thought it would be a complete chick deterrent," says the 21-year-old singer/songwriter. "But the No. 1 opening line I get from girls is 'I love your hair!' "

Ferraro says his wild curls definitely help him stand out. And he also considers them perfect for his lifestyle.

"It's actually great when I'm touring because it's 100 percent wash and wear," Ferraro says. "It's super easy. I wake up, shower it and it does its own thing."

Crisscrossing the country with bands such as Mika, Lifehouse and Daughtry, he doesn't have a lot of time to mess with his hair.

Ferraro started the band with friends while he was in high school. When he was 16, his dad bought his band a van and they toured across Canada for the summer, playing everywhere from Cape Breton to Vancouver – in bars and living rooms. The band will release its first full-length album this May.

Ferraro has been writing songs since he was 14.

"All through high school, I felt like 'You've got to write a song,' just to get that feeling that I'd done something good for the day," says Ferraro, who estimates he's written more than 500 songs.

Ferraro says he tries to write on a human level that everyone can relate to. He hasn't written a song about his hair yet.

"Maybe that will come into play down the road," he says.