On Tuesday, December 6, one of our favorite curlies, Shakira, debuted her new, albeit straight, haircut!

Shakira tweeted her new look to all of her fans, saying, “4 hours ago I got my hair cut!”

We’re loving the look, but hoping that she kept her curls in mind when making the cut – or that at least her stylist did! As curlies, we know all too well that a short cut made on wet, straight strands is the LAST thing a curly girl who wants to occasionally rock her natural curls should do!

Granted, Shakira hasn’t been letting her textured tresses loose as often as she used to. Like Taylor Swift, maybe her look is a winter trend since many curlies seem to prefer straight looks during the cooler months.

Whatever her deal is, we ain’t hair hating! The bob is cute and the girl is beautiful. Do you, Shakira. Do you!