Tabatha's Salon Takeover Returns to Bravo

2010-11-05 14:52:38

Tabatha's Salon Takeover Returns to Bravo

The controversial salon expert is back for more

This season, no task is too big for Tabatha. Whether it’s moving into a salon owner’s house for the night to stage a family intervention, tackling five slacking owners in one salon, turning around a downtrodden children’s salon with stylists who don’t like kids or even doing hair, renovating a gay salon with questionable taste, or trekking a salon’s staff to the middle of the Mohave Desert to learn to survive as a team— Tabatha gives these struggling salons the major push they need to get back on track.

The salons Coffey will makeover in the California, Massachusetts and Texas areas include:

  • Mia Bella - San Bruno, CA

  • Christopher Hill - Brentwood, CA

  • Vendome - Houston, TX

  • West End - Provincetown, MA

  • Avanti - Boston, MA

  • Touch of Elegance - Tewkesbury, MA

  • Bqute - Palmdale, CA

  • A Star Is Born - Mission Viejo, CA

  • Concerto - Valencia, CA

Tune in December 6th to get some hairstyling tips of your own!  For more information about the show, visit Bravo’s website at

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