Summer's Eve's newest commercial shocks audiences everywhere.

I don’t even know where to begin. I mean, we’ve seen curly hair portrayed in a lot of different ways, but Summer’s Eve’s new commercial sent shock waves through the NaturallyCurly office. No joke, we were speechless.

The commercial, if you haven’t yet seen it or heard about it, features a hand puppet playing a talking vagina. Yea, you read that right–a talking vagina. The whole gig is part of their "Hail to the V" campaign claiming, “no one gives you more products to keep your vagina happy.”


Now, as if the talking hand claiming to be our “vertical smile” wasn’t enough, Summer’s Eve produced different commercials for different races, insinuating quite a few stereotypes in both the Black and Hispanic versions.

One of those stereotypes involved the idea that Black women style their hair more often and to display that—yes, I know you see this coming—they put hair on it. They put our beloved natural hair on top of your talking you-know-what. Let’s talk about what they’re insinuating now.

The commercial, which has since been yanked from play, has many people up in arms about how a conservative Dallas advertising agency didn’t see what everyone else did–you know, the insanity of it.

Yet, in the face of adversity, the agency and the company have stood by the advertisement saying only that, “The decision to take the videos down is about acknowledging that there’s backlash here. We want to move beyond that and focus on the greater mission.”

For viewers, moving past the “ay-yi-yi” of the Hispanic hand and what some critics are calling a “jive-talking hand-‘gina with a ‘fro” is just much too difficult.

Stan Richards, the founder of The Richards Group, the advertising agency behind the mayhem, said that the videos were meant to be “relatable,” not offensive, and perhaps to a human without a vagina, they are.

Of course, some critics are saying that Summer’s Eve pulled out too quickly. After all, the brand hasn’t had this much publicity in a while. In fact, one commenter on AdWeek even stated, “Ironically, I wish Summer’s Eve had shown a little more balls.”

In the end, it's all about what the consumer thinks, here at NaturallyCurly, we're not so sure either of the companies involved really thought about this one. Or, is it the most genius advertising campaign of all time?

You tell us. Because really, we're still in shock!

Tracey Wallace

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because the video was taken down, I haven't seen it yet. If the ad was meant to be comical, why did the advertising agency say the video was meant to be "relatable?"

Actually I am not offended at all... I think its kind of funny. Its not supposed to be taken seriously... afterall... ITS A TALKING HAND! LOL Its still funny. Why is it ok for Carlos Mencia or any other comedian to poke fun at different races but when I Feminine commercial uses voices with graphics and its offensive... I am Hispanic and White and I think it was hilarious when the "Hispanic" V went of in spanish... LOL cause my family truly does things like that... HAHA... and white girls take going to the gym TOO seriously sometimes so that was funny to me... and the "black" girl... she was the PRETTIEST "V" cause she had all sorts of different hair! AND her voice was something sort of "country bumpkin" to me and I thought it was cute. Anyway... I didnt think it was bad. BUT... I always hate how they depict Feminine products in a commercial anyway. "Fresh" "white clothes" Blah Blah Blah... One minute you are watching "family feud" the next you see this crap... Yea thats something you want to watch with your little brother... LOL can you say AWKWARD? Bottom line... I thought it was funny and not offensive in anyway.

BTW, I liked the tone of this post. It expressed a point of view, but wasn't a rant. It acknowledged other povs, silly as they were. Rants are best for forum members, comme moi. :-)

Good Lord. I'm speechless too. Jon Stewart was making fun of these ads earlier in the week, but I was trying to get to sleep so I didn't catch the visual with the curly hair. Wow. CraftyKell: Love your summary. Even more reason for me to shun a company that makes products that are wholly unnecessary and at times even harmful to women. Thanks,

What I gathered from that: Hispanic women should treat their vaginas right because they give birth. Black women should treat their vaginas right because we spend too much time on our northern hair. White women should treat their vaginas right because they're smart enough to know about pH balance, and going to the gym can be stressful on them down there... What. the. flap.

Messed up, in poor taste everything about this campaign. Did they really think this was clever? A talking V?! Who wants to see this? UGH!

yeah it's kind of weird...i don't want a vagina talking to me..

My first reaction was "Bizarre - a talking vagina selling feminine products??" and then the not-so-subtle racism hits. UGH and double UGH!!