These curly haired celebrities are as famous for their hair as they are for their achievements - even winning the Nobel Prize for Physics.


"Sex and drugs go hand in hand when you're a rock 'n' roll musician. If I were a violinist, it might be a different matter." - Slash


Why: Rock Star Hair, Great Guitar Tone, Holla! Birth Name: Saul Hudson Date of Birth: July 23, 1965, London, England Hair Type: 3c

What We Recommend for Hair Like This

  1. We loved the 80s, but that tophat has had its day. Goodwill that hat, or better yet, auction it off for charity.
  2. Up for a cocktail? Try Curlarita Cocktail before your next Superbowl performance, even though you already stole the spotlight that day.

Quick Facts

  1. Slash is biracial, born to a Nigerian clothing designer mother and English art director.
  2. Attended the elite Beverly Hills High School with fellow-curly Lenny Kravitz but dropped out before graduating.
  3. Formed the hugely successful Guns N' Roses with Axl Rose in 1986; officially disbanded in 1997. Hasn't spoken to Axl Rose since 1996.
  4. Plays Gibson Les Paul guitars with few exceptions.
  5. How much did Slash earn for his brief appearance at 2011 Superbowl Halftime show? Best answer we could find: "Waaaaay more than you make in 3 minutes."

Video of Slash playing live

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Libbi B.

Carole King should have been on this list. She is one of my curly heros!

Nick Valensi ;)

The article should have included Keri Russell and Taylor Swift.

Fun article. Really enjoyed it. And love all the curlies mentioned.

Oh, we have the same birthday..and nearly the same hair type..This is so cool, even though people like to call me "Diana Ross'. :)