There are lots of things that carry over.

Often in day-to-day dealings you might hear or say, “We’ll carry the amount of money due over into the next month”, and “Yes, please carry over the balance”, or “Will this enthusiasm carry over to the following week?” Yup! Lots of things carry over. Regrettably when it comes to hair fashion and trends, some things just have to stay where they are, inside of that moment, that year.

In 2014, we are dismissing passé trends for once — well, maybe not for all but definitely for now. We all remember the colloquial banter of Fox Network’s 1990 sketch comedy “Men on Film”. If you do, we can all agree many of these trends need a united dismissal with a simple “Hated it” to all things soooo 2013.

That’s SO 2013!


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