We know you’ve been wondering…… The answer is yes! Yes, you curly haired girls can get scene-looking hair!

I, like you, have always wanted to find a scene-looking hairstyle that would fit my curly hair. After about a month of research and help from my stylist friend Andie, I found what I believe are good-looking scene looks for curly hair.

If you’re older than, say, 22, and are wondering, “What is scene hair?,” here’s some quick info: Scene hair is a style that involves hair with lots of volume, choppy layers to create a messy look with accessories and possibly some bright colors and extreme color contrasts. So, curly-haired girls, we have this in the bag, naturally. Volume—check. Messy hair—check. To get the effect we want, I suggest short-medium length layers in your hair.


Let’s start by checking out some tools you are going to need to achieve the look.

  • For sure you’re going to need a good detangler. I like Curly Hair Solutions Slip because after I tease my hair, it loosens up the knots that I created.
  • You may or may not want a straightener — the choice is yours (I’ll show you how to use it with this style”>.
  • You are going to need a fine-toothed comb with a point at the end to create lines for separating hair; we’ll use the comb is to tease the hair.
  • Volumizing mousse is one of the key elements to creating this hair. As I mentioned earlier volume is key and this hair speaks in volumes. Any volumizing mousse will do.
  • Hairspray to hold the look.
  • Blowdryer and a diffuser to create the volume.
  • Accessories: tiny bows, bright-colored bobby pins, headbands. All of these accessories are recommended, but not needed.

Ok, so now that we have our tools, lets get started!


Bangs are a good addition for this look, but are not needed to achieve this style.

For you girls who are not ready to commit to bangs, there are a couple of options for you. Use a side part to bring over half a layer for more volume to one side. The second option is where your comb comes in handy, section off your hair from the end of the arches of your eyebrows to create a chunk to tease. Use your comb and at the root of this section, slowly tease (push down the hair with the comb or “comb down” towards the root”> to create a “poof”. Hairspray your teased root and pull back the section to create the poof and place a couple of bobby pins to hold this section in place and keep it edgy. Finally, you can create the illusion of bangs (a trick I did before I committed”>. Taking a section of hair from your forehead to mid arch of your eyebrow (depending on what side you want them to fall”>, pull the section to the side you are parting and pull towards the back of your head and pin in place. This creates the illusion of bangs.

Those of you want the bangs, for you girls with a square to oval shaped face, blunt bangs are your best bet and still give you the “scene” look. Girls with round-heart shaped faces, side swept bangs bring out your cheek bone structure and slim the face. Add a pretty bow, colorful bobby pins or a headband near your and you have the style.

Natural Scene

The first look is the less drastic change for your hair, a more natural look, yet still spunky.

First, in wet hair apply your leave in conditioner or your Curl Keeper styling serum. Next we will apply the volumizing moose to the whole head. Once your products are applied, grab your blow dryer and diffuser. While blow drying your hair, to create the volume you need flip your head to where you are drying the bottom of your hair first. Dry your hair this way to create the volume needed. Scrunch hair until almost dry, let the bottom layer (remember we are working with layers”> air dry after. The top layer of your hair needs to be dried completely with the blow dryer on warm heat (so you don’t damage your beautiful hair”> and scrunch your hair towards the scalp to create the volume you want. Once your hair is completely dry, you can tame the frizzies by adding a dime size amount of Curl Keeper, rubbing it between your palms and distributing evenly through the hair. VOILA! Your hair comes out with a natural yet edgy look.

Curly Scene Cutie

Ok, so the natural look isn’t cutting it for you. Ok, well, let’s take it a step further. First, run your straightener down pieces of your bottom layer of hair that frame your face. Running the straightener down once will loosen the curl and give a wavy, yet longer, piece of hair, or you can fully straighten the lower pieces. Extensions would also work, but in this case, we are going to use what we’ve got. The idea is to lengthen the bottom layer for the scene effect. After you’ve lengthened the bottom layer, grab your comb and tease the top layer. Now don’t go crazy and tease all the way to the tip. I suggest just teasing the root to minimize knots and keep your curl while still creating the look. Spray the roots with hairspray as you tease, to add the height you want. Finger-comb your hair into place while keeping the volume intact. Once you’ve gotten the desired height, spray all over to hold and ta-da! You have completed your look (or at least your hair”>!

Curly Bob

I was looking for a style that would accommodate this look and still let me achieve the “normal” looking hair. I went to my stylist friend Andie who owns Salon Bliss and told her about what I wanted to do with my hair and what I needed from my cut with my curly hair. Andie then gave me a “curly bob” but she kept the bottom layer of my hair intact and angled my top layer towards the front of my face to create the curly bob look. Andie did this to texturize the curl on top and create the volume I want in the back of the head, the shortest point and keep the body with loose curls as she angled the hair.

Thin it out

Andie thinned out the top layer to reduce the wide “poof” that would have been created with this cut. Although thinning of curly hair has mixed reviews, I see the difference in my hair and how I have more definition in my curls on the top layer(this is also thanks to my styling products”>. Thinning the hair loosens the curl, so you can also achieve the scene style when you thin out some of your hair. Be warned though, if you choose to thin out your entire head of hair, this takes a lot to maintain. When your hair grows out, it may look a little funky so trips to the salon will be needed.


Another way to create the scene look with this hair is to “dramatize” it and add bright colors to your hair. With this cut I suggest adding the color to the bottom layer since it is intact and less texture. You can choose to chunk color or use thin streaks, chunking looks better on longer hair since there is more to work with and thin streaks with shorter hair to define strands. You can use pretty much any color under the sun you desire when your adding color, but with darker hair, there is a need to bleach the parts where color will be added. Pinks, purples, blues and reds are popular with this trend, but also the contrast of black and blonde is really popular as well. For those of us who are not ready to commit to color just yet, there are colored hair extensions that you can clip into your hair and curl with a curling iron to blend in with your natural hair.

Jungle Hair

So just as we teased our “Curly Scene Cutie” hair, it goes for this style. Grab your fine-toothed comb and your hairspray, tease the root of the first layer (the bob layer”> and create volume, especially in the back. Remember to only tease the root to keep your curl intact. Tease the face framing strands of your bottom layer to create more volume around your face. While teasing, finger style your hair and run a dime size amount of Curl Keeper along with one last mist of hairspray through the hair.

Casually Curly

A cute yet casual way to style your hair on those days you just don’t have time to mess with your hair. Take the bob layer and tease just the back where the cut is the shortest to give you the volume. Hairspray and then separate the bottom layer into two sections and braid for the casually curly look.

Last but not least

And of course, how could we forget to include the styling technique of straightening the bottom layer. You could stay true to your roots (hehe”> and only run the straightening iron over once to loosen the curl and create a wavy effect for the bottom layer. We can even go ’80s and crimp the bottom layer since “the crimp” is coming back in style. Add some hairspray as usual and YAY! You’ve got scene hair!

The end?

So guys, I experimented with these different looks that can be created with curly hair. You saw the results and even though results may vary, remember the key elements of the style are volume and messy. “Scene” is not only about the look, its also about the attitude, so curly hair girls grab your attitude and create your own ‘do if you like or cop one of these!

Till next time, my curly-haired cuties, this is Julz and remember, stick to your guns and your roots.

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