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Greeted, welcomed, and checked in. I loved the attention and the theater style seating for the visual presentation.

Show began with Dana who came to Devachan as a curly girl. Great video was shown with short clips and pics of clients of the salon with great backgrounds, crisp professional stream of curly girl transformations. Next up was the CEO Colin Walsh. When asked, he said he “…loves everything about the industry”–after all, he has been in it for 15 years. He described supporting and empowering who you are as a natural as being a huge part of the Devachan concept. Colin wants everyone to have an “awesome day!” He talked about how 12 years ago the no-poo began as a brave idea. My favorite quote from Colin was “…never Deva curls on their head, they are theirs.”

Taking center stage after Colin was Shari Harbinger. She has been a part of the Devachan family for 18 years, Shari had a lot to say about growth and how they grew from 5 to 150 employees. “Back in 1996 there were 5.” This growth is also lead by her opinion that “…the curly client is more aware than before-more provocative designs…” are in hair.

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Then swoops gracefully in – Isabella Vazquez who hasn’t shampooed in 3 years.

Offering a “…platform to tell these stories…” She is speaking of the videos –all magnificently filmed–that ran on the screen during the her colleagues presentations. Isabella loves her job with her descriptions of what she does and my favorite part next to her big blonde curly locs and fabulously high and fly stilettos was when she said “…all I get to do is break the rules…still keeping in mind where we came from…” She spoke with great candor and enthusiasm. The kind that makes you want to be her friend. She showed her boldness while talking about the naturals who are served as being bold for their decision to embrace their kinks, coils, curls and waves.

So in their concept, it’s one conditioner that works in tandem with the no-poo.

Now I found it funny that I was asked to make this trip being that when I do many presentations I am careful to give credit where credit is due when I refer to a phrase, line or brand that is known for a specific. At my last career day visit in my hometown, I spoke of no-poo and reminded my teens and tweens that the term itself started with a specific salon in NYC. Then I told them who it was and that we use the term “co-wash” for conditioner washing our hair–a concept that had many of them with their mouths open or just flat-out telling me I just shook the ground underneath them. This to say that it is of great importance to recognize Devachan as a leader in natural care being one of few salons who cater to the natural embracing without a lot of styling and being minimal in product use with results that prove what they said “all starts with a conversation…” Some women just want to be asked about what their needs are and have easy answers to getting some groovy curls.

I had a beautiful experience from the beginning to the end and enjoyed talking to everyone there.

Rosie who told me “I love the hair. I want to bring them up and get a connection with them…here since it is the beginning.” I loved her kind spirit and high rosy cheekbones. When she told me “You don’t know how much I love my work.”, what she didn’t know was that I really did know. I could feel  the love in her verbal expression and use of her hands to make sure I understood and I could see her with her clients in the same way.  

My day at Devachan was just divine.

Ahava Felicidad

Ahava Felicidad

Ahava Felicidad The Holistic Hair Healer is the Founder of Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body holistic care, styling and trainings for naturals. This native of Montclair, New Jersey uses ayurvedic concepts, homeopathy and holism for hair health and growth and is the creator of Felicidad Hair Sugar. When she’s not doing hair you can find her playing her cello, rollerblading, being a mother to an artsy teen, and teaching The Art of Soapmaking at the Montclair Art Museum.

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