Jen Atkin, I’m baffled. Are my spiral curls considered a trend?

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Many naturalistas chose to embrace their natural hair long before it was accepted in mainstream society; we are still breaking the mold everyday. There are some of us who have grown to love our hair later in life, like myself. Whatever each of our individual struggles have been in learning to accept the very thing that grows out of our head, I realize that it is not society that needs to accept our hair. It’s us.

Going through life feeling a notion that in order to be liked, we have to hide our real hair or change its pattern makes no sense. I am preaching to myself because it took me so long to realize that my hair was gorgeous in its own unique way. Sure, it took time and work educating myself because I was ignorant on how to take care of it. 

Then we have Jen Atkin, who was crowned “the most Influential hairstylist in the world” by The New York Times.

With a client list ranging from the Kardashians to Chrissy Teigen, some may argue that Jen Atkin deserves this award. However, the curly community may disagree after a recent interview by Raleigh Burgan for E Online.

Burgan asked Atkin, “The one hair trend you can’t stand?” to which Atkin responded, “Cheesy, spiral curls.”

Burgan asked, “What’s an easy-to-do hairstyle that can instantly elevate any look?” to which Atkin said, “Always opt for a sleek look. It’s hard to mess up straight hair.”

*Insert puzzled emoji*

I’m baffled. Are my spiral curls “cheesy” and considered a trend? You mean, that thing 60% of us in the world were born with? It’s “cheesy” like, it’s out of style–which means it’s considered a style?

I understand that Jen Atkin doesn’t work with or understand natural curly hair. Maybe, as a community, we can forgive her. One thing is for certain, we should come together to educate her for she does not know the error of her ways.

Jen Atkin, our hair is fabulous and far from being “cheesy”!

This so called trend is what we have grown to love and rejoice over! So if she can’t stand the type of curls we have then sucks for you boo. We love it.

It all comes down to acceptance and the only person who you should care to STAND your “chessy, spiral curls” is you. Because listen! Your curls are popping!

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