shaun white

Shaun White

Shaun White, two-time Olympic gold medalist, was on "Larry King Live" last night talking about his skills, training and lush locks!

Every show Shaun appears on seems to turn to hair talk. We all want to know what his secret is, what he uses and how he keeps those curls and last night we got some answers...

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On the show, Larry said, "A whole bunch of people are Twittering to us, Shaun, about your hair. Specifically, what do you use on it? Do you ever plan to cut it?" Shaun responded, "You know, it's strange. I don't really do much to it. It's more of a lot of water and then shaking, if you can imagine. But I think that's why I grew it out in the first place — all my friends started to cut their hair short and spike it. That became popular. Every boy at school would show up with that hair style. I decided it wasn't for me, and figured I'd grow it long. But yeah, the more people say I should cut it, I just figure I grow it longer."

Looks like Shaun's hair secrets will remain secret.

He is still our favorite ginger! We love to see our curlies bring home the gold.