As many of you know, I was very leery of having a keratin treatment. I had to be convinced that it would not take away my curls or ruin my hair.

Little did I know that I would become an addict.

Five months later, I just had my third treatment done. CurlStylist was doing a demo for a company, and they needed another head of hair to work on. I had just had it done for the second time a month ago, but offered my curls up. The curl had tightened up quite a bit anyway.

The treatment I had done was very similar to a Brazilian Blowout, with similar application. Zac Watson of Dolce & Co. in Arizona provided some new insights, including the fact that the iron temperature can affect how straight the hair gets. Since I wanted curl, he had it at a lower temperature than he would for someone who wanted a smoother look.

This time around, my hair was noticeably straighter, even after the product was rinsed out and my hair was air dried. I have to admit that it freaked me out a little. But four days later, it's probably a 3a (I'm usually a 3b), with a lot of shine and definition. It feels really soft, and I have no frizz despite Hurricane Alex wreaking havoc on Austin's weather.