Girl bosses have ushered in a new wave of empowerment, feminism, gender equality, and freedom. As we develop the next wave of boss ladies we can be happy that we have a plethora of amazing women to guide our path. Social media has helped the following women not only strengthen their brand, but engage with users to continue to build for their future. Here are 8 strong women who are taking the industry by storm through business, fashion, publishing, and hair care. 

Sophia Amoruso

We can’t talk about #girlbosses without paying homage to one of the original women who coined the term for our generation, Sophia Amoruso. This New York Times Bestselling author of GirlBoss, sparked the movement in 2014 which enables women to connect across digital, social and experiential platforms. Sophia encourages women to share knowledge about career, entrepreneurship and personal finance by using her social media platforms to promote conversation – even at her own expense. Her innate honesty about her trials and tribulations, even in the face of criticism from the industry, makes her the ultimate girl boss. Learning to embrace your failures is one thing, but sharing them with your network to help teach how to overcome those uncomfortable spaces, paves a realistic journey towards success.

Karen Civil

How does one make themselves into a brand? Look no further than #girlboss Karen Civil. This media maven, author, and brand curator used the internet to create the career she wanted. The former Diplomat Records employee started in 2008 where she interviewed artists like Nicki Minaj and Drake before they got their big break. Civil broke the male-dominated arena of Hip-Hop when she became the social media manager for Beats by Dre in Los Angeles. She used that platform to build her lifestyle website and partner with major companies like Carol’s Daughter and Covergirl. As a girlboss she’s made a household name for herself on social media through speaking engagements, philanthropy, and her upcoming conference-cruise this October.

Yael Aflalo

Yael Aflalo wants you to #jointhereformation. Created in 2009, Reformation uses sustainable fabrics and vintage garments to make conventional fashion. The brand was formed after Aflalo was challenged about fashion’s impact on the environment and re-launched Reformation as an e-commerce business in 2012. Aflalo’s advocates to be socially responsible in all aspects of her business from her staff to social media where she showcases a blend of professionalism, feminism and social justice. As a young entrepreneur, she combines her eco-friendly business with the message she is literally saving the world through fashion. Creating a business that reflects your personal interest and passion while still challenging you is vital to the growth of your brand and Aflalo is an excellent example you don’t have to compromise any of those attributes to be successful.

Karrueche Tran

Model and actress Karrueche Tran has taken her #girlboss status to the next level since breaking away from her infamous ex. Tran popped onto the scene back in 2012 where she started as a personal stylist at Nordstrom and then transitioned into magazines for her high-profile fashion. In the five years she’s been in the spotlight, she’s shown the power of turning a negative situation truly positive by using her platform to build her career. This #girlboss won an Emmy award for her digital series The Bay, collaborated with ColourPoP for her Kaepop collection, and just landed a role in the TNT series Claws. What makes Tran a #girlboss is her perseverance to bettering herself and being diligent in her career pursuits outside of social media hate, intense media scrutiny, and public perception that still attempts to link her to the past. Rising above and balancing your path is key for all girlbosses in their career pursuits.

Myleik Teele

Myleik Teele changed the hair game as the founder of curlBOX. The monthly subscription service has partnerships with brands like Carol’s Daughter and Shea Moisture in addition to major companies like Target and Walmart. The San Francisco alum used her talent for building brands like Calvin Klein cosmetics, American Idol, and Nike to create a hair sampling box that has garnered a following of over 300k on Instagram. Myleik showcases strength and empowers her followers through encouraging Instagram posts and interviewing fellow boss women on her podcast #mytaughtyou series.  Her latest venture curlBOX:body expands her business to promoting self-love and fitness. Myleik exemplifies how using your experience working for other people can truly help mold and influence how you develop and create your own brand. Learning from others is the best way to figure out the tips, tricks and best ways to make your ventures work.

These girlbosses used innovative and tactical methods to not only build successful brands, but build brands that resonated with millions of women all over the world. Their dedication to engaging with their customers through social media has given them an alternative way to promoting, building, and changing their brands which is continuously changing the way these entrepreneurs do business. Real girlbosses thrive and survive and use their boss savvy skills to continue to change the game and make it work no matter the struggles or endeavors. We salute you!

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