Bloggers have become a major force in the beauty world. These glamour girls and product junkies provide unique insights on a wide variety of topics, from curls to pearls. Most blogs are updated daily, featuring links, pictures and product information. Here are 10 of our favorites, in no particular order — some curly, some not.

  1. This eclectic blog is written by “Malice in Horrorland,” a 29-year-old licensed hairstylist and “part-time retail people watcher with a side of sardonicism,” and Judea Contreras, a Phoenix hairstylist. She provides tips, product info and celebrity hair commentary, among other things.



  3. Beauty addict Karen shares beauty product reviews, makeup tips and news. Recent posts include “The Return of the Pantsuit” and “James the Vampire = Kinda Hawt.”

  5. Toya provides a steady stream of reviews and observations about beauty, fashion, politics and an assortment of other subjects. On the election of Barack Obama, this was Toya’s comment: “This is our new first family, America. Just let that sink in … I am so proud of you, do you know that? I am so proud of all of you who stood in long lines and made the effort to do your civic duty. Was it good for you? Because it was fabulous for me.”

  7. When it comes to transitioning and natural hair, Nikki’s your blogger. Her blog is a celebration of everything natural, with photos, personal stories, product recommendations — a place “dedicated to helping out my naturally glamorous sisters — whether you’re kinky, curly, or wavy.”

  9. Shannon’s blog chronicles her curly journey, from the hairstyles she’s liking to the products she can’t do without. Her latest post talks about her obsession with Taylor Swift and her sideswept curly bangs.

  11. Dodai Stewart, senior editor at celebrity, fashion site, has developed a following for her insights about pop culture. She also has a beautiful head of curls!

  13. Cailin provides the latest news on makeup, hairstyles and celeb news, as well the hottest beauty deals.

  15. The site description says it all. “‘What is premium grade hair’ you ask? Like cars that require premium gas, it’s hair that requires premium lovin’. It’s big, thick, kinky, thick-as-hell hair! This blog is for all my product guzzling, big hair people in the world.” Bloggers Susan and Amanda talk curls, all day, every day.

  17. Also known as Boticelli babe, it’s all about curls on this fun blog by Sage. “After discovering the book “Curly Girl,” I began my odyssey into the world of cultivating fabulous curls. I don’t use anything with sulfates or silicones, and like my hair at last! This blog is one way I am indulging my obsession.”

  19. Kdcurly shares her ongoing transition from permed hair to natural kinks. “I learned so much about my hair and learned not to expect it to be something that it would never be. I came to love my hair for what it is. I am learning to style it and pamper it. It was a long road, and I still have a long way to go, but it’s been worth it.”
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