And the winners are...

Melissa Leo

Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "The Fighter" but didn’t win in hair! We wish she had rocked curls. They would have looked so much better with her golden statue!

Christian Bale

Best Supporting Actor: Wavy Christian Bale wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in "The Fighter." He didn’t win for hair either... maybe hairest! No doubt he deserved it, but we wish he would have rocked those long waves tonight. We prefer the Batman look to this one.

Jesse Eisenberg

Best Adapted Screenplay: "The Social Network" wins, featuring natural curlies Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake. Go curlies!

Helena Bonham Carter

Best Original Screenplay: "The King's Speech" wins twice - once for the Oscar and again from us for featuring curly girl Helena Bonham Carter.

Randy Newman

Best Original Song: Randy Newman wins another Oscar for Best Original Song, "We Belong Together," from the animated film "Toy Story 3."

Natalie Portman

Best Actress: Congratulations to Natalie Portman, winner of the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her turn in "Black Swan." Natalie was glowing in her pregnancy and rocking her waves.

Colin Firth

Best Actor: Congratulations Colin Firth! Winner for Best Actor in a Leading Role for "The King's Speech." His short waves were true to him.

Best Picture 2011

Best Picture: The Oscar goes to The King's Speech, the story of King George VI of England and the lifelong friendship he developed with an unorthodox speech therapist.

Luke Mattheny

Love those curls! Luke Mattheny wins the Oscar for Best Short Film (Live Action), "God of Love."

Tom Hooper

Best Director: Congratulations Tom Hooper, Winner of the Oscar for Best Director for The King's Speech.