Take a seat and buckle up for this type 4 hairstyle ride.

First the basics, what is type 4 hair? NaturallyCurly defines type 4 hair as, “fine and thin or wiry and coarse, with densely packed coils. Coily hair may seem robust, but it’s actually the most fragile hair texture because it has the fewest cuticle layers to protect it from dryness. Its top concerns are maintaining moisture, avoiding tangles and counteracting shrinkage.”There are many products and hairstyles that will leave you with a healthy and flourishing. Here’s 20 that show just how much natural hair can do.

4c styles 1

Image source @naptural85


Your hair in its most natural state is beginning of understanding its versatility. Let your soul glow with fun and fluffy half up, half down look.

Image source @jaynellenicole 


Remix your bun life. Add some flavor to this classic & cute style with braids, twists, and accessories.

Image source @aseamae


Remix your twist out with fun accessories and turn heads.

Image source @ohwendyoh


A simple braid can change everything. Transform your aesthetic with one braid while letting your curls do their thing. 

Image source @heycurlie


Poofy, curly, and sleek high top buns will never go out of style. Add cute earrings to really pop out!

Image source @themindofmutiny


Wraps are your best friend. Whether fun with covering and uncovering your hair to show your creativity and versatility.

Image source @jaynellenicole


To Bantu or knot? A super cute and versatile style that adds a twist to the space buns.

Image source @jmayoxo


Put a twist on your twists with this fun protective style. Gold accessories will only bring out more of your glow.

Image source @heycurlie


Twists are a simple way to help protect your curls with minimal tension. To really get the most out of this look you can even take the twists out to create a twist out.

Image source @chimeedwards


This edgy yet sleek ponytail look will be sure to stand out no matter the occassion. The braided bantu knots are the perfect touch to this simple ponytail.

Image source @creolenaturelle


Crown braids that complement soft curls are a classy and edgy style. Accessories go really well with this style, just like putting jewels in your crown. 

Image source @hairbysusy 


Updo’s are a chance to get super creative. Allow your hair to show off its versatility with these braids that resemble a ponytail.

Image source @therealjadahblue


Image source @shanillia26


Everything you love about natural hair in one style. Two strand twists, space buns and braided mohawk all wrapped in one!

Image source @naturallytemi


Keep it simple with a low maintenance style by adding a couple twists in the front and let your coils flow freely.

Don’t ever feel like your hair can’t do something because of its texture. Type 4 hair is super versatile and can be manipulated into styles you couldn’t even imagine. Check out some good products for these styles here.