With the beginning of the winter season upon us and cold weather well underway, most naturals will be searching for new ways to stay cute this season while also keeping their coils and curls protected from the elements. If you’re searching for a winter hat that will be gentle on your hair, Kink and Coil, a Canadian-based business, has you covered — literally and figuratively, of course.

Kink and Coil began in 2014 as a personal blog when the creator Leaticia Kaggwa decided to dive into the expansive wealth of natural hair knowledge available on the internet in order to learn more about how to properly take care of her own hair.

Throughout her journey, she kept track of her techniques and tips on the blog — tips she picked up both online and through hair shows and natural hair meetups. The products sold by Kink and Coil now are Leaticia’s way of contributing to what’s missing in the natural hair community based on her research. Kink and Coil’s goal in selling these products is to provide unique and affordable options that always have tightly coiled and kinky hair in mind.

Heres The Scoop on the Kink and Coil Satin-Lined Beanie


How does it look?

Kink and Coil’s Satin-Lined Beanie has an acrylic outer layer, a fur pom-pom, and of course the most important aspect, the satin lining. The lining is the same color as each beanie and fits well inside without looking bulky. The materials are well-made and the classic knit-hat-with-fur-pom-pom design makes it a great accessory to have in your winter wardrobe.

Is it functional?

Girl, yes! If you live in an area that experiences extremely cold months during winter, this will be a good option for you; it keeps your head and ears warm, while keeping your hair happy.

I usually avoid hats in general because of the struggle of fitting my type 4 hair into a hat, and because the fibers rub against and pull at my hair; and this beanie addresses both of those concerns. Keeping your hair moisturized and avoiding breakage is easy, and it’s even a great cover for those naturals who are still waiting for those twists to dry!

The pom-pom also snaps on and off for washing to preserve the look of the beanie. I think this is a simple, but really cool feature, you can even rock the beanie without the pom-pom for a bit of a different look.

Kink and Coil’s Satin-Lined Beanie comes in eleven colors and is priced at $33.99. Some of the mustard-colored beanies are available with a matte satin lining, as well.

Overall thoughts

This satin-lined beanie lives up to all of its promises and is one of the cutest beanies of its type. It makes a great gift for naturals, and is a great opportunity to support a small business.

Have you purchased a satin-lined beanie from Kink and Coil? Let us know what you think! And check out these other curly-approved hats and scarves to stay stylish in the colder months.

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