Let’s talk downsizing for a bit. Specifically shrinkage.

Specifically, MY shrinkage.

As someone who grew up watching unhealthy amounts of anime, I got SEVERELY into having giant hair. Even when my hair was chemically relaxed, I’d try to mousse and backcomb it to get that cartoon volume, with shall we say…”mixed results.” The days where my new growth and still-straight ends made me look like Robert Smith were the best ones I ever had, aesthetics-wise. But then big chop part two happened, and everything kind of sort of fell entirely apart.

Going to digress for a sec here.

Shrinkage IS ultimately a good thing.

It means our curls are elastic, responsive to taking in moisture, and healthy! And moreover, for us Wakandan (we WISH”> curlies and coilies? Embracing how goshdarn GOOD a close crop or TWA can look would free us up quite a bit!


Despite everything I now know, and despite everything I’ve worked to unlearn, whenever my hair literally re-coils, I tend to go into a kind of George Costanza routine.

I don’t like my shrinkage. I have big glasses, and big features, and a Gina-sized head, and I want giant hair to match, otherwise I feel out of balance. Literally the only reason I’ve finally embraced the rounder afro on myself is because it’s finally big enough to catch low-flying birds, and obscure ‘King of the Hill’ references.

I don’t like my shrinkage. I have big glasses, and big features, and a Gina-sized head, and I want giant hair to match, otherwise I feel out of balance.

I’d said before that I wear protective styles because I don’t always feel like having my hair length dictated to me by what the weather is, but the truth is, I don’t like my hair when it’s small. I feel at my best when my hair is Pam Grier meets Dolly Parton, and although I OBVIOUSLY love my femmes rocking their short hair don’t care life, that’s probably not going to ever change.

So what’s my point here?

Essentially, I’m admitting that I don’t love each and every moment of my natural hair–just like I don’t love every single aspect of everything concerning my appearance. After all, I love my thick, thunderous thighs…the stretch marks and summertime sundress chafing though? Not as much. Of course, that’s what cute fishnets are for, but I’m getting away from the point a bit.

A lot of the positivity movements focus on the love that you DO NEED for yourself, and your texture, but I think an honest frown beats a taped on smile any day. If there’s ever a moment or more when you don’t love your natural hair, you’re not betraying the cause–you’re just being true to yourself. And sometimes that negative moment can still lead you to a net positive! Just keep in mind that that advice is only true for hair matters…maybe leave it out of your accounting as a general rule.

What do you think curlies?

Have you ever had moments where you’re just not cool with your coil compression? Or are you volume-blind when it comes to your curls? There’s only one way to let us know–hit up that comments section!

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