Not quite brown, doesn't give us blonde, and not really red, it's the hair color that keeps on giving, and with the extra bounce of curly coils, this sun-kissed hue is the perfect medium tone. With more than one shade to choose from, there's no wrong way to get into the copper trend this season, but maintaining the color is just as important. When you make any drastic change to your curls, the key is to create a full-proof regimen that will allow your hair to prosper freely. If you're thinking about making the switch, get inspired with our lineup of curly coppers who know how to rock the vibrant color just right!


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This bold look isn't something that just happens. Not only do you need to consider the price of getting your professionally dyed, but you also need to take into account the maintenance of keeping this color fresh and vibrant. 

It will mean a lot more than just regular wash days for you when you decide to dye your hair. But it's totally worth the extra TLC. Collect the right colored hair care products and set yourself up with a routine that will keep your strands hydrated, defined, and protected. 

When it comes to adding any color to your hair, there's a lot of color lifting and alcohol involved to obtain the ideal shade. As alcohol naturally dries the hair, you need to add even more moisture to combat any breakage. 

Setting aside time for wash day is still a necessary process. The only difference is making sure you keep color protection in mind when you begin searching for shampoos and conditioners. To maintain the color vibrancy, you need to ensure that the hair isn't being stripped anymore with harsh chemicals. A sulfate-free shampoo is a must when washing color-treated curls. Keep the same energy for your conditioners by using hydrating ingredients that will seal in the moisture and help with detangling. 

Perhaps one of the most vital routines to bump into high gear will be deep conditioning! We're not kidding when it comes to moisture. Your hair needs extra love and attention when it's colored, and the best way to care for your curls is by deep conditioning after each wash, which will not only help to keep your color long-lasting but give your curls the luscious bounce they deserve. 

If your hair tends to grow quickly, you may want to consider touching up your roots more often than most, especially if you don't want to have a balayage effect on your hair. Keeping up with a standard routine is also essential, so if you schedule your colors within the same time each visit, you'll be sure to keep your copper fabulous and in great shape.