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Deep conditioning is absolutely essential to the health of my hair, so no matter how full my schedule is, I find time to moisturize my strands. I work full-time and run a blog so I'm constantly on the go. If I'm not creating content, I'm on social media interacting with my readers and followers.

You can probably relate and understand how self-care can take the back seat. Sometimes life demands a lot from us, but in those moments we have to find time to nurture our bodies even if it means multi-tasking, say by deep conditioning on the go.

Luckily when it comes to natural hair care, we can keep our hair moisturized as we run other errands. Here are three tricks I always have up my sleeve while deep conditioning on the go:

1. Steam As You Work Out

Now this one can be a bit tricky. When I say work out, I'm referring to a low-intensity cardio or weight-lifting workout. If you're doing a high intensity dance routine or very rigorous cardio, this may not be for you. But if you're not, you may consider using your gym time to deep condition on the go. Apply your deep conditioner on your hair, throw on your plastic cap and cover your hair with a light satin cloth. You'll find that the heat you generate as you exercise has the added benefit of creating an all-natural steaming effect on your strands. Heat can help products be better absorbed into your hair.

2. Use a Heating Cap

The natural hair community is beaming with innovation. And one of the products that meet a common need is a steam cup or heating cap. A heating cap is a device you wear over your head - it simply uses steam to send moisture into the cuticle of your hair as you are deep conditioning. So rather than have to sit under a steamer for an hour while you have other tasks to do, just throw on your steam cap or heating cap at home and continue with household chores or duties.

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3. Wrap It Up & Head Out

Head wraps and turbans are a great way to add edge to your outfit. I wear them out a lot, particularly if I'm meeting with friends for evening drinks or even just running errands. Since your hair is covered anyway, why not add a layer underneath? Simply apply your deep conditioner to your hair then wear a plastic cap. Afterwards, just wrap your head as you would normally and voila! You've killed two birds with one stone - you're looking stylish while deep conditioning on the go.

Do you deep condition on the go? What techniques do you use to ensure you moisturize your strands as you multi-task. Feel free to leave us a note down below and share your top tips!