Winter Hair: 3 Rules for Curly Hair

2012-01-10 12:35:40

Winter Hair: 3 Rules for Curly Hair

Essential tips for avoiding dry, dull and brittle winter hair.


In winter, you need moisture to replenish what the extreme temps (cold outside and heat inside) with so much lower humidity in the air are doing to dry out your winter hair. Here are three essential winter hair tips for your curls.

Use Rich and Creamy Products

In cooler weather, you want to prevent moisture from being removed from your hair by the dry air. Therefore, rich creams, creamy leave-ins and the like are perfect. Here come your winter hair products. Some creams you tried in summer gave you frizz, but in winter, they can give you chunky, clumpy, happy curls (similar to the moisture you get from humidity but more in control). Curlies are more likely to use a cream or creamy leave-in successfully during the winter.

Don't Clarify

Your cuticle is tighter in winter because of the dry conditions, and that's not a good environment for hair-product penetration. And because the air is drier (cold air does not hold as much humidity and moisture; indoors, the heated air creates a very dry climate for your curls), you don't want to have to clarify, which removes moisture from your hair. Therefore, be careful about the creams you choose. Don't select creams that build up because they will require more frequent clarifying. A good rule of thumb is that if you can't rinse the product easily from your hands with cool water, proceed with caution. And then clarify less often.

Don't Shampoo Everyday

You will need to shampoo more in winter to remove your heavy creams. For many, it's fine to use a sulfate shampoo to remove creamy leave-ins and creams without requiring full clarifying wash. Don't shampoo every day, but rather once a week or every other week. Remember, however, that you'll need to shampoo your winter hair more often than during the summertime to remove the thicker creams and products you'll be using.



'Don't clarify if you don't have to' I'm glad you explained this thoroughly. I thought I had to clarify each wash. I knew that winter was reeking havoc on my curls but didn't know why; I do only shampoo once weekly but was clarifying each time. I am searching for thicker moisturizers. Thanks!
I disagree with Rule #2-Don't Clarify. Sometimes too much build-up can cause your hair to be dry and become brittle, so clarifying is necessary. Instead of using a clarifying shampoo, a natural treatment such as brown sugar and baking soda can clarify the scalp and hair without stripping. At least, it works for me.