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We curlier-haired folk are accustomed to the brazen stares, ignorant questions, and constraining bylaws that come with wearing our hair out in everyday life, but few naturalistas have willingly undergone the hair rules and regulations that come with military enlistment. But surprisingly, heeding the nation’s call doesn’t mean straightening your curly strands in the process. Still skeptical? Well, then check out these five bloggers who have showed us how to rock our beautiful curls while repping our country.

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Leslie Latrice

For Latrice, the military life runs in her blood. Her grandfather served, her uncles served, her parents served—the list goes on. Latrice took the baton of service from her parents, applying to become a U.S. Army military officer while completing her bachelor’s degree.The Human Resources Officer then decided to run her own blog, launching the platform Fierce is S(HE”> on September 25, 2016. Fierce is S(HE”>’s main mission is to empower women as they break through societal molds, celebrating fashion, makeup, and natural curls in the process. While running Fierce is S(HE”>, the military naturalista uploads content about her military life, natural hair journey, and personal experiences on her YouTube channel, which now has over 5000 subscribers.

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Jackie Aina

With her own TooFaced foundation line and Artist Couture highlighter products, most believe blogging beauty Jackie Aina only reigns over the makeup world. But on numerous occasions, Aina has proved to her approximately 2.6 million YouTube subscribers that she also uses her large online platform to give natural hair styling tips. Unbeknown to many, the 31-year-old beauty influencer also doubled as a member of the U.S. Army Reserve. She even uploaded a YouTube video specifically highlighting her military hair and makeup routine, in which she shows viewers how she “serves with class and style.”

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Nasia James

This next naturalista took her aspirations to the sky. As a former U.S. Air Force personnel specialist, wife, young mom, and dedicated blogger, James’ videos amaze anyone who watches them, for she can still maintain healthy, poppin’ curls while juggling these demanding roles in her personal videos. The blogger has been honorably discharged from the Air Force since 2017, giving her the freedom to spend time with family and release more natural hair-related content. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for some awe-inspiring videos of her healthy 3C/4A curls, flawless skincare routine, and even her adorable little daughter Zola’s hair routine that you can try out on your own bundle of joy!

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Jaelah Majette

Before partaking on their natural hair journey, many relaxed-hair baddies ask themselves one question: “Should I transition, or do the big chop?” About three years ago, Jaelah Majette chose the latter and uploaded a video of her tear-filled regrets on YouTube. Since then, Majette’s videos have highlighted her evolving relationship with her natural hair, motivating her 510,000-and-counting YouTube subscribers to take pride in their own tresses. But before even releasing curly haired-related content online, Majette kicked off her YouTube channel with a Q&A about her life as a U.S. Air Force reservist.

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Jasmine Prophete

As compared to the other natural hair bloggers on the list, most of Prophete’s hair-related content involves wigs of all kinds—bleached, burgundy bundles, orange summer bobs, and even Rihanna-inspired bobs. If you can imagine it, Jasmine has probably rocked it. When she’s not enlightening us with wig reviews and natural hair product recommendations, Prophete uses her YouTube channel, Army Barbie, to inform subscribers about her military-related experiences and hair routines. A U.S. Army utilities equipment repairer, Prophete showers her 69,000 plus subscribers with military-heavy content often.

If you’re a natural-haired beauty with military aspirations, we highly recommend giving these five ladies’ uploads a quick look. Their content will give you the poppin’ curls and confidence boost you need to survive the grueling, taxing conditions of military service. Know of any other natural ladies serving our country who have blogs? Share them with us below!

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