We have over 8,000 hair products in our Product Review section, all thoughtfully reviewed by our curly community (that’s you!”>. We wanted to hear from our top reviewer, Laurabeth!

She is a NaturallyCurly veteran and her valuable feedback has helped many of us make smarter, more informed purchase decisions. We asked Laurabeth how she got started reviewing products on NaturallyCurly, and she said she’d always had “a no stone left unturned method of analyzing data.” Her search for the best hair gel and later conditioner led her to create thorough lists on CurlTalk with her reviews, which have been a go-to resource for many curlies ever since!

She has also given us a guide to the types of frizz (spider weby frizz is very different to surface frizz”> and how to adjust your curl routine based on the season. She loves that NaturallyCurly’s “a network of like-minded and conversely-minded curlies with whom I can batter around ideas.”
With all of that knowledge, we were dying to know what Laurabeth’s all-time favorite curly hair products are.

Favorite Curly Products



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