Nothing like growing hair and retaining the length! What an amazing feeling of knowing you are doing everything right; protecting and sealing your ends, keeping your tresses moisturized and free of split ends. It just feels good. What does not feel so great is the realization that all this growth and good nurturing has allowed your hair to retain length past its TWA or small fro and your go-to styles are not working anymore. Just when you became comfortable with your styles and routine, your hair begins growing into the awkward stage. Here are some styles to help you transition past this length.

"The Loc Soc"

ItsCinnaMe shares a video on the versatile and gorgeous Loc Soc that was originally created for loc wearers for sleeping, keeping locs out of the way, and protection. It soon gave way to style and now many naturals are rocking them and for good reason. They are gorgeous and perfect for the awkward stage in your natural hair journey. I promise you will be eager to get one (or more) when you see how cute and simple they are for your tresses, and with the cooler weather coming up it is the perfect time to rock them. They can be found at

Crochet braids

Crochet braids are so big right now and for good reason. They make an awkward stage invisible to the world with a protective style that needs no glue, adhesive, or hooks. Crochet braids provide style versatility, the hair can be synthetic or human, and as long as you do not neglect your tresses underneath you can breeze through your awkward stage. In this tutorial AGirlsCurls shows us ten styles (that’s right ten) that are great for the curly crocheted hair.

The New Puff

Ragin from brings an easy, funky take on the regular old puff that sometimes we tire of. These styles can be achieved in minutes with few tools. Whether you have freshly washed hair or bed head 'fro, check out these style when you are on the go.

Tools and Products

  • Gel
  • Brush
  • Skinny headband
  • Small ouchless rubber bands
  • Spray bottle mixture
  • Bobby pins
  • Edge control (optional)


  1. Spritz hair with spray bottle mixture
  2. Apply gel to edges and nape
  3. Section out a front piece from flat twisting for French braiding
  4. Brush and smooth rest of hair up into a puff
  5. Apply stocking legs or headband to puff
  6. Fluff & spray puff
  7. Apply gel to edges for smoothness (optional)
  8. Tie scarf around base for at least 20 min to set style

Flexi Rod Set

TheChicNatural reminds us that flexi rod curls look great on any length. As you wait for your hair to grow to medium length, this style is great to rock and will last for days if properly maintained at night.

Tools and products

  • Flexi rods (The small the rod, the tighter the coil, the longer style longevity)
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Styling lotion mixed half and half with water
  • Denman or paddle brush


  1. Start on freshly washed hair
  2. Section small pieces of hair for flexi rods
  3. Apply leave-in conditioner and work in
  4. Spray sectioned hair with setting lotion and water mixture and work in
  5. Brush with Denman or paddle brush and brush hair smooth and detangled
  6. Apply flexi rod from the bottom. Make sure your ends are smooth and fully wrapped around flexi rod and roll hair up to roots and bend the rod upward to assure the rod does not unravel.
  7. Repeat until the whole head is complete
  8. Allow your hair to fully dry before unwrapping flexi rods (make sure to have oil on hands to combat frizz)
  9. Fluff to desired fullness 

How did you style your hair at an awkward length?