If you’re not on the co-washing bandwagon, you should be.

Washing your hair with conditioner is gentler than shampoo and doesn’t strip curls of precious hydration. If the idea of giving up shampoo completely scares you, try limiting it to every other wash day. There’s no need to use harsh, drying shampoos frequently. Dry hair means broken hair, stagnant length, and limp curls. Give it a try, you’ll never turn back.

Co-washers may wonder, what is there to do with all our unused shampoo? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Shave Your Legs

Shampoo can double as shaving cream in a pinch, some people actually prefer it. Be sure to follow up with an oil and lotion, the same way you would with any shaving product.

  1. Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Most brush cleaners and shampoos have similar ingredients. Shampoo is great at cleaning dirty, oily brushes and it’s a lot cheaper than brush cleaners.

  1. Clean Your Hairbrush

Nothing cleans a brush better than shampoo. Simply soak your comb or brush in water and shampoo for a few minutes before giving them a little scrub.

  1. Disinfect Your Kitchen & Bathroom

Did you know you can use a tiny bit of shampoo to fix a stuck zipper, lubricate a squeaky hinge, and clean your toilet? You can even use it as a degreaser on your stove or fridge.

  1. Playtime

My niece loves using my leftover shampoos on her dolls; she has gotten pretty good at giving them the salon treatment!

Don’t use up all your shampoo on shaving your legs just yet--after an extended protective style or an extended sweaty yoga session, it might be a good idea to reach for your it to ensure that you properly cleanse your scalp. Just be sure to follow up with a deep conditioner or masque and your usual LOC or LCO Method.

Do you have any other tips for using leftover shampoo?

If you have any other tips on making good use out of unused shampoo, leave them in the comments below!