Until a few years ago it was quite challenging to find natural hair care products in Europe. The supply of the products was quite low and many naturals had to rely on mainstream brands. When I started the transitioning process,  I started visiting a hair care store in Rotterdam, one of the very few available. Slowly this store decreased its offerings for straight hair and increased its assortment of curly hair care products. However, for those who recently started embracing their natural hair texture it can still be challenging to find good hair care stores, so here are my top 6 stores for natural hair products in Europe.


Photo Courtesy of @WhitneyFromTheBlog

1. Yari

Yari is my go-to-hair care store in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The owners manage to meet the demand of products and update their assortment frequently. During the last couple of years, they opened a few more stores and looked into goods other than curly hair care products that naturals may need, such as oils, accessories or tools for protective hairstyling.

2. Beauty by Zara

Products like Camille Rose Naturals are quite difficult to find in Europe: it is either sold out and/or pretty expensive. Thus, what I mostly like is that the shop offers products that are trending in the United States, but quite unknown in Europe. Beauty by Zara is a (online) shop from the UK, but they have worldwide shipping.

3. Beauty Bay

I love this store! There is free shipping above 18 euros and the assortment is incredibly broad. They also carry products in different price ranges, so it is not only for those who have a high-income level.

4. My Natural Curls

My Natural Curls is a Dutch online shop that ships products to countries within Europe. The website offers products at different price ranges also, which makes it super accessible and perfect for naturals who want a lot of product variety, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. The delivery of products occurs quite quickly and they have received a ton of positive feedback on their customer service.

5. British Curlies

British curlies is another British website that offers worldwide shipping. The website is both a blog as well as online web shop.They provide you with a hair care typing system also, that helps you pick your products easily. Their website format is also a super clear lay-out and showcases their assortment of hair care products very well.

6. SHOP NaturallyCurly 

NaturallyCurly's online shop is another outlet I use to look for some of my fave products. They offer international shipping, a huge plus for those of us who can't find certain products. By joining their online marketplace, you can buy many American-made brands, and they even offer 15% off for new members. Check out their online shop as they are constantly updating their inventory with new brands!

Do you know any other natural hair care shops in Europe? What are your favorite places to buy your hair products abroad?

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